Examples of Anthropomorphisms

I’m trying to find some well known examples of anthropomorphisms. At least I think that is the term I am looking for. I want to do a series of black and white woodblock prints of these just as a fun personal project.

A couple examples I thought of would be Loan Shark, Cat Burglar, or maybe Work Horse(not sure if that one really works) if that helps to understand the line of thinking I’m on. I trying to think of occupation oriented ideas, but any ideas are good ideas because they may lead to something else!

Thanks for your help dopers.

Card Shark (let’s not get into whether that should be ‘card sharp’, yes?)
Dogsbody is a bit iffy, but I just love that word…
Fat Cat?

Horny Goat

Happy New Years!

Eager Beaver
Black Sheep (not sure if this one really counts)
Party Animal (not sure if this counts, either, as it’s not a specific animal)
Ball Hog

The Catbird Seat. I dare ya.

Lucky Dawg

Pugnosed (not sure of that etymology.)

Sounds like the pick of the litter of my ideal mating pool.

Crazy like a fox?

Wait… is this another furry thread?!

Lounge Lizard

Batshit Crazy?
Hooch Hound?

For vegetata:
…lily livered, cauliflower eared, carrot top, vegetable.

I guess the only strict example of this linguistic type (since I am apparently stupid for offering other cognates), that I can think of is Wolf Pack, as applies to transportation and traffic.


Sex Kitten.

War Hawk.




Smug Snake.

Booze Hound
Clothes Horse
Grease Monkey
Hep Cat
Legal Eagle
News Hound
One-Trick Pony
River Rat
Social Butterfly
Stool Pigeon
War Horse

Smelly cat!

Imperialist Dog.

Capitalist Pig.

Busy Bee
Horny Toad
Lame Duck
Full Bird Colonel

Full Bird Colonel doesn’t exactly fit. It refers to the fact that an O-6 in the US Army, Air Force or Marines, wears an eagle insignia on his collarpoints/shoulderboards, whereas a Lieutenant Colonel (or light colonel) wears a silver oak leaf. But they’re both addressed as “Colonel.”


You can stork someone. Especially if you trying to give them babies.