Anti-Abortion Tactics

A friend of mine recently went in to get the initial paperwork done for an abortion. Her DSHS caseworker sent her to the office responsible for ‘emergency medical’. The person at this office told her that the paperwork involved would take from ‘17 to 45 days’ to process. My friend was far enough along that, would this take the extreme (45 day) limit, she would be beyond the legal limit for an abortion. So she went back to her DSHS caseworker to discuss options, and the DSHS person told her that what the E.M. person told was not true - they had recently gotten some new hires there that are right-to-lifers, and they tell people this to discourage abortions, or delay long enough that they aren’t an option. Does anyone else here find this tactic unsavory? Or is it a case of the ‘Anything to Win’ mentality?

Unsavory? You betcha. This person probably thinks of him/herself as a cool undercover agent, saving babies from the evil pro-choicers.

However, there are laws to prevent lying to prevent a person from exercising legal rights, and your friend should file suit to get this person removed. Or, a medical employee lying to a patient can be fired pretty quickly, if the people don’t want the publicity.

…reserved for the likes of me. At least, according to my fundamentalist friends.

I’m one of those truly awful pro-choice Christians. Which is not to say that I am okay with abortion. I’m not. I just suffer from believing a woman should have the right to decide for herself. If I can convince her otherwise, using only gentle persuasion, then great. But it’s her choice, not mine.

And I am definitely opposed to tactics like you’ve quoted.

I still remember a day 12 years ago when I was walking by the Margaret Sanger Clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio. A woman was sitting in her car out front, afraid to get out because of the abortion protesters arrayed between her and the door of the clinic. I went up to the car and offered to walk her through the gauntlet. As we passed, the protesters shouted, waved signs in our faces, and finally threw fake blood on us. (Colored corn syrup I think – it was sweet!) We got to the door and the woman said, “I’m not even here for an abortion, just a pre-natal visit. It’s the only place in town that I can afford. I tried to explain that to them, but they wouldn’t listen. I WANT my baby.”

The pre-natal care when my son was born was provided through the local Planned Parenthood Clinic in Oxford, Ohio. The anti-abortion people weren’t so scary there, but there were still one or two grim crossings. There, as in Cincinnati, the protesters weren’t interested to hear about the desire of myself and my wife to actually HAVE our baby. But, for people without maternity coverage, Planned Parenthood offered affordable, quality pre-natal care.

As a result of these experiences, I am a long time contributor to Planned Parenthood and support pro-choice whenever I can.

What does DSHS stand for?

Oops… sorry about that

Department of Social and Health Services