Anti-gay group to boycott Google.


Ya’ know, I’m not even going to pit these fuckers because they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it themselves.

So they’re willing to punish themselves just because Google dare support gay rights.

That said, I rather doubt they will truly boycott Google.

So…if I google “AFA” will their organization show up?

Oh, it’s worse than that; Considering they’re giving Google money every time they go to a website with Google ads, well, that’s about 90% of the internet right there.

ETA: American Family Association, from the link on top, kaylasdad99.

Basically, they are going to have to resort to using libraries and typewriters. The other major search engine is Bing, and it’s a Microsoft product and Microsoft is also pro gay marriage and gay rights. I wouldn’t be surprised if other companies that had search engines were the same.

The guy behind this is named “Buster”?? Heh.

I bet Google’s worried. They might change their stance now.

Tough for a bunch of amatuers like the American Family Association.

The Amish Family Association can boycott Google indefinitely.

In fact, many sets of Amish do use computers and internet.

Was their stance a wide one? Are they going to be going wider now?

Gotta love that the announcement was made on . . . YouTube!

CMC fnord!

Are you implying I used the word incorrectly? :dubious:

How quickly we forget Larry Craig.

Ahhhh!!! Damn. I should have caught that.

So, they will be testing the “meat” of their convictions? What will they be using? RedTube, perhaps?

Actually, they aren’t boycotting Google. After that press release was first announced, the man at the head of the AFA had a “change of heart” :rolleyes:. While I am too lazy to look for the link, he characterized his first statement as a ‘mischaracterization by the liberal media’ (paraphrasing here) and what he really meant was that “it would be hard for someone like himself to avoid someone (?!) like Google because of how intertwined he is to Google products. But I NEVER called for a Google boycott!”

Who the fuck believes this sort of crap?

Aw shucks. I was kind of hoping that they’d do their own search engine, like Conservapedia. All searches would involve only Fox News, Rush, the Republican Party, AFA, and Fred Phelps.
Except for the entertainment search which would always return Magic Mike. Hey, how did that get in there?!?

Are they on the World Wide Wagon, then?

The kerosene powered router isn’t a very efficient device.

There’s a YouTube videoof tiny gay actor Leslie Jordan (best known as Beverly Leslie from Will and Grace or Brother Boy from Sordid Lives) giving a talk at Google. He later had a one-man show on Broadway of some of the same material- I’ve seen him in person and on screen when he killed. At Google, he doesn’t kill, he dies. Only when he tells a couple of name dropping stories does he get any reaction, and there aren’t any questions for him at the end when he asks (insult to a speaker- it’s an immediate Nielsen rating).

I’m not saying the company’s homophobic, but if that video is any representation most employees probably don’t give a damn one way or the other about orientation and are techno-geeky. It’s not exactly like they’re dancing to techno holding up glowsticks in the hall waiting for the new Village People Google theme du jour to be— heh heh— mounted.

But even so, I’m going to miss Google. You don’t come back from a boycott like this.

(I wonder if they’ll be even one less sermon interrupted by a D-r-o-i-d from somewhere in the congregation.)

So, is “google” the new “santorum”? :slight_smile:

[checks urban dictionary]

Well, not yet, give it time . . . they’ll come up with something . . . And then the AFA will be totally googled! :smiley: