Anti-Gay Phone Company ?!

Seems being a “christian” company is the new selling point ?

Here’s some more background about it

I’m going to miss all of you when your government decides elections are going to be temporarily suspended and the borders closed until the crisis passes and revokes internet privileges for all of its citizens because you’re being contaminated by the outside world of gays, heathens and pornographers. sniff.

“They’re going to want to let a sandwich marry a bear.” :stuck_out_tongue:

snickerGay-T and T

Could MCI have a lawsuit on their hands?

If they do sue… they will be branded as defenders of the gay ! :eek:

So this is how I get that direct line to God the fundies all seem to have!

More poke-a-fundy fone stuff! “If I switch to you, can those homos still phone me?”

Bonus shellfish abominations! :wink:

So… I guess asking God to smite them would be out of the question, huh?

That seems Chrsitian based although they mention only the golden rule.
How does it relate to the OP?

I notice in those mp3s that the customer was doing a lot of leading. There’s not much difference between Christians not wanting their money to support porn or me chooseing not to support a company that pollutes.

Except that pollution isn’t protected by the first amendment.

Nope. You just need to call their customer service number and listen to the propmts.

Hello and welcome to AG Phone Company. Please listen to the following options as our menu has changed.

If at anytime during this message you’d like to speak with Jesus, press zero.

If you would like to order services, press one.
To check on your bill, press two.
For technical support, press three.
If you would like to request a smiting, press four

Which might be relevant if any of these were government entities.

You think our government entities are seperate from hypocritical christians and telecommunication companies?

This is interesting, and in a way refreshing, as it is nice for a company not to be PC. If they didn’t slam MCI and take a slight (sort of) hit on Verizon I would have no problem with them.

They have a agenda and admit it, the world needs more of this.

What are you talking about? Are they violating the first amendment by chooseing to offer a Christian alternative to ATT, or is their oppostion to porn violateing the first amendment?

Well, they ARE lying about what AT&T and MCI, etc., do, but my original point was to your claim that “there’s not much difference between Christians not wanting their money to support porn or me chooseing not to support a company that pollutes.” There IS a big difference between giving money to a company that opposes the first amendment and wants to institute a draconioan theocracy and one that simply wants to sponge off a few oily penguins. It’s a huge MORAL difference. I’m sick of the idea that all causes are created equal.