American Family Association to boycott Google over gay rights support. Vows to test their own meat!

A meaty test indeed! A veritable bar-be-que cook off of your convictions.

Google is surely quaking at the prospect of losing this chunk of business.

Well, cutting themselves off from easy access to the zeitgeist probably IS a good way to prolong their particular brand of atavism.

Google should counter by ISP-banning all of their devices, and removing AFA entirely from their search engine. A reverse boycott. (I dunno if this is even technically possible, but it has a certain poetic appeal).

Considering how effective (not very) most of their and other organizations of their ilk have been historically, I really don’t think Google has anything to worry about.

Face it, when the SBC decided to boycott Disney, most of their members didn’t last too long before seeing a movie, tuning in to the Disney channel or going to a theme park. When the bible thumpers tried to boycott P&G, it wasn’t too long before folks went back to their favorite brands.

It sounds like a moral stand that most of them think sounds like the right thing to do, but very few will be willing to give up all of the stuff associated with Google.

Well, I said in the GD thread that I didn’t really approve of Google’s announcement, but this is hilarious and gives me the warm fuzzies.

Cut that nose! Spite that face!

Them thar righteous Og-fearing bible-thunkin’ boycutters DID succeed eventually in banishing the P&G Man-in-the-Moon logo, did they not?

[sup](Not that I give a rat’s azz really about any Big Bad Capitalist Corporation’s logo, of course, but I actually was rooting for P&G on that one.)[/sup]

I guess bigotry ain’t as easy as it used to be.

Shouldn’t these people avoid computers in general, since that homo Alan Turing was so influential in computer science?

I’m still a bit goosebumpy when it comes to this stuff. I came out almost 20 years ago and to see the climate change from where it was in 1993 to now getting backing from major corporations is amazing. Even the changes in the last 5 years are so significant to me that it’s a bit dizzying as I watch what used to be the GLBT community on the fringe to those opposed to them on the fringe.

Last month General Mills came out against the marriage amendment in Minnesota. They could’ve not done anything and not worried about their customer base. But they didn’t and that’s quite huge as cereal is one of the most competitive markets in the world.. They lost customers, I’m sure, but what’s funny was that the opposition to the marriage amendment’s request was not for businesses to come out for the amendment, but rather to just stay neutral.

How often do you hear “we’re really against this issue and you can help by supporting…well, not supporting, but how about just not picking sides?” To me, that’s hilarious.

It’s just great to see the tide turning in such a positive way.

These days, if you’re not on Google, you don’t exist. Not only will this boycott probably fail, but it’ll do more damage to their brand as they’ll probably disappear off some people’s radar completely

I’m not so sure about that, at least not in net. The AFA position is not the popular one any more, and the gay market is very lucrative (lots of double-income no-kids families with a lot of discretionary income). I think it’s more likely that companies are picking up revenue with these announcements than losing it.

I seriously doubt these people know enough to remove themselves from Google’s search results.

But, as suggested by Oakminster’s counterboycott idea, I’m pretty sure Google knows how to do it. You think 3rd world dictators have power over their chunk of burned out dirt? Google can effectively erase you from existence all over the world in seconds.

Frankly, I think it’d be awesome if ALL food producers came out flamingly pro gay. Then the 'phobes could boycott food and the world would become a better place within a week.

Technically, sure. But it’s a PR nightmare (and really counter to Google’s general free internet philosophy). Besides, it would just give these idiots more press. Much better to ignore them and let them accelerate their descent into irrelevance.

I hear you. I love that when Obama made his recent gay marriage statementm the GOP reaction wasn’t the usual “Next you’ll want children to marry puppies! What happened to the institution of marriage?” garbage. Instead, they went “Oh sure, you’ll say anything popular to get re-elected.” That’s kind of amazing when you think about it. They know the popular fight over true equal rights is effectively over, and they know they lost. It’s just a matter of getting the law to match what the general public actually wants.