Anti-vaxxers are ignorant scumbags that kill children

Syringe-dart snipers.

I prefer the monetary solution. If someone decides they’re going to keep making appointments just to skip them all to prevent others from getting vaccination, then the anti-vaxer fool should have be fined the actual costs (salary of doctors, nurses, monetary costs of vaccine, etc.).

The forced vaccination has the additional advantage that it actually gets more people vaccinated? We can decree that making the appointment constitutes giving consent.

I know you’re half-joking, but do we really want to set a societal precedent for anything that consent, once given, can’t be withdrawn?

Yah I think the better punishment is to simply find out who made the false appointments.

Then when COVID is ravaging their monkeysphere and reality hits them in the face and they try to get the vaccine, they get told “Well sure, you can have the vaccine. Just go to the very end of the queue and when we’ve done everyone else including the monkeys in the zoo, we’ll get to you. Don’t hurry back now, take your time!”

Ignorance: bad. Ignorance + arrogance: awful. Ignorance + arrogance + big bucks: evil. From the Washington Post (Paywalled, sorry):

Attorneys from Siri & Glimstad — a New York firm that has done millions of dollars of legal work for one of the nation’s foremost anti-vaccination groups — are co-counsel in a case against the Durham County Sheriff’s Office. They’ve sent warning letters to officials in Rock County, Wis., as well as to the president of Rutgers University and other schools.

The legal salvos show that a groundswell against compulsory immunization is being coordinated, at least in part, from a law office on Park Avenue in midtown Manhattan. And they offer a window into a wide-ranging and well-resourced effort to contest vaccine requirements in workplaces and other settings critical to the country’s reopening — a dispute with sweeping implications for public health, state authority and individual rights.

And remember Del Bigtree, one of the scummiest of anti-vaxx scumbags, the guy with no medical training who produced the Andrew Wakefield scum-umentary and has spouted COVID crap (“Catch this cold!”) during the pandemic? His Informed Action Consent Network (a misnomer if ever there were one), an anti-vaxx nonprofit, is running ads extolling Siri and Glimstad and recruiting plaintiffs for challenges to the mandate. I’m sure they’ll find plenty.

Of course, anti-vaxxers won’t believe they’re being manipulated. That’s all a Big Pharma lie, right? :roll_eyes:

And notice how many people died within 2 months when an outbreak ran through the town.

More on legal thuggery by antivaxers and their kin:

Antivaxxer drives through vaccine tent

Excellent piece, and I’m stealing that phrase “legal thuggery” from that blog. Having seen how much power even the threat of lawsuits can have at schools and universities, I can say it’s deeply troubling.

I’ve tried to point out to anti-vaxxers that they’re being manipulated by people who are making a fortune at their expense–money that funds legal shenanigans–but of course that just marks me as someone who’s been duped by Big Pharma. One of those I spoke to was especially angry. She’s making a mint ($60-70k a year) off shungite tchotchkes, which she imports from Russia, marks up several hundred percent and sells to the flee-from-5G masses. I’d say she’s scamming, but she believes in this stuff, along with every woo product out there.

There’s one born every nano-second.

Here’s an interesting and related article (a bit old, from last August):

How many of these memento peddlers are really QAnon devotees? Hard to tell. Some people will monetize anything. If you want to trace Q activists turning their platforms into cash cows, you have to root them out one by one.

This is not specifically about anti-vaxxers but you know there’s a massive overlap between that crowd and Qanon.

This is plain attempted murder [note, I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on regularly scheduled TV]. This is the same mentally deranged cultist as the Cosmic Pizza guy who shot up the ceiling with his AR. Jail time - lots. Psycho evaluation - nutjob [note, I’m not a mental health professional …yada yada yada]. Loss of job. Federal no-fly designation. This s$@^ has got to start hurting for these morons. [note, not a professional moron yada yada yada].

As a further demonstration of the phenomenon of crank magnetism (where belief in one area of crankery/quackery frequently is accompanied by belief in other forms of jackassery), allow me to present Dr. Steven Gundry.

You may be familiar with this guy from frequent clickbait ads which feature him promoting ways to lose tons of weight or gain other health benefits by eliminating these two (or three) foods.* Gundry at one time seems to have been a respectable heart surgeon, but in recent years has dived into woo of various sorts, warning of the dread dangers of lectins in foods, “leaky gut” and other heavily dubious propositions, in addition to marketing a line of pricey and similarly dubious supplements.

It turns out that Gundry has also been busy spreading nonsense about vaccines, including classic antivax claims about aluminum adjuvants being a “neurotoxin”, combination vaccines supposedly overloading the immune system and so on. He’s also fearmongered about Covid-19 vaccination, suggesting that early adopters of the vaccine are guinea pigs taking unnecessary chances (he thinks he has nothing to fear since he has a wonderful immune system; besides you’d do much better taking lots of vitamin C, elderberry extract etc.).

He has a podcast to which he invites luminaries like Joe Mercola, another antivax hawker of supplements and idiotic medical advice.

*don’t eat beans, peas, squash, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and so on. It’s those dreaded lectins.

Good story on Respectful Insolence about a prominent antivaxer who risked death from severe anemia, rather than take the chance of getting transfusions from a vaccinated person.

He almost bled to death from hemorrhoids???

That’s his story anyway.

Marked anemia from hemorrhoidal bleeding is rare but medically possible.

I must confess that I’m not as kind as the surgeon who wrote that piece. My first thought was that maybe this would shut up BigTree. Hah. He’s undoubtedly raking in even more cash now. And if he had bought the farm, some other snake oil salesman would have stepped right up and starting raking in the $$$.

He and Mercola are beneath contempt, but you’ll never convince their followers. Any criticism makes them shell out even more cash to their idols. It’s a pretty sweet gig…if you have no conscience.

A lulu of a nurse gets “struck off” in the U.K.

I’m not sure I want to know what an “aesthetic” nurse does.*

*cosmetic-type care, including such things as tattoo removal and liposuction.

Maybe he was an Incredibly Huge Asshole?

( Trump is my cite )

The Brits have a phrase that covers this: “Bleeding Arsehole”.

Who kept trying to talk this one into a transfusion, anyway? It isn’t nice to mess with Darwinism.