Antiperspirant vs. Deoderant

I knwo the difference, but listen to my problem.

When I wear antiperspirant, I sweat like a pig running a marathon, but don’t smell.

When I wear deoderant, I don’t sweat under my arms at all, but reek by midday.

Anyone know why?

I live in a very hot, humid part of the world. I don’t use antiperspirant. I don’t use deodorant. I shower with soap and water every morning. I do the same in the afternoon if and when I work out at the gym. Unless you are eating badly, not drinking enough water, not changing your clothes often enough, or have some other sort of problem, you do not need to use weird chemicals to stop yourself from perspiring (which nature intends you to do) nor do you need to smear nasty-smelling perfume on yourself in an attempt to mask your natural smell.

It sounds like you have a problem. Fix that problem rather than try to cover it up.

It could well be the problem is in your head, and you should just relax.

Clean clothes every day, shower in the morning and evening with antibacterial soap. I eat normally, exercise, and drink water all day long, interrupted by the occasional cup of tea.

I’m not really trying to cover it up, just interested why antiperspirant makes me sweat and deoderant doesn’t.

And I’m relaxed, dammit, so stop hounding me.

I strongly disagree. “Natural” does not necessarily mean “good.” Of course just covering up the smell with “perfume” is not so good (then you get the lovely combination smell of sweat and perfume), but deodorant is not a mere perfume; it is a product intended to prevent odors, not merely cover them up. The nature of sweat is to smell after a while, and if I am going to be in a room of people who aren’t so thrilled with the prospect of my “natural smell” on a hot day, then I’m sure going to do my best to use the wonders of technology to prevent me from stinking up the joint.

That’s backards–don’t make sense, do it?

Many products are labeled as deodorant/antiperspirant." Seems to me they would address the situation.

I’m not an expert on the flora and fauna living on the human body. However, I do not that antibacterial products can do more harm than good. Using such products can have a number of unintended consequences:

[li]Normally there is an equilibrium of bacteria. The bad ones can’t blossom because the resources necessary for their survival and procreation are being used (in part) by other species. So every morning after you shower, the playing field is wiped clean. The bad guys are free to race for the finish, and if they can get a foothold (so to speak) their population can blossom before their competition becomes effective.[/li][li]You’re breeding resistant bacteria. “That which doesn’t kill me…” and all. The specimens that are suceptible are killed with the washing, but those with resistance survive and reproduce more resistant children.[/li][li]Some of the bacteria you’re killing may actually be beneficial. This is why systemic antibiotics frequently cause diarrhea – killing off normal gut bacteria interferes with normal digestive function.[/li][/list=a]

It frustrates me that it’s now actually difficult to find non-antibacterial products such as dish soap and hand cleanser.

It’s totally backwards, hence the post. The combo products (antiperspirant/deoderant) work like the antiperspirant does for me: Heavy sweating under the pits.

Another note, I do not need to be hot to have this happen. I have been working in a cold as hell equipment room and had sweat come pouring out. I dunno, maybe I’m a mutant.