I have never used a deodorant.

People don’t shy away from me and I have no reason to think I have any odor. I shower every evening before going to bed. During the summer I will often take another shower before dinner or after working in the garden. My kids cannot believe this. My wife finds it hard to believe too.

So I am curious if there is any other doper who never uses deodorant (and remains in society).

I used to rarely use it, but then I found myself needing it. I put it on every day now as a matter of habit but to be honest, I only really feel gross there when I’ve got a lot of hair. When I’m hairless, the sweat doesn’t seem to stick.

I also shower twice a day so I think in terms of odor I’m good.

I didn’t need it until one day in college. I suppose I got suddenly colonized by whatever bacteria it is that most people have in their armpits.

I’ve never used deoderant either. Nobody’s ever complained about me smelling, though.

I use deodorant every day because chances are I need it but I just don’t know.

When I was 25 I went several months without it. At the time I was having some serious health problems and I was very much underweight, and I just didn’t need it. That’s no longer true.

My dh doesn’t and I’ve never smelled any bad smells off of him, other than cig smoke which is another thing altogether

I’ve used it ever since, when I was about 15, my mom gently let me know I needed to start. A few months ago, though, I started making my own, so now I can smell like whatever I want, instead of having to choose from whatever limited selection was deemed acceptable by some focus group.

I often don’t use it when I’m hanging around at home and I generally don’t need it, but when I need it, I NEED it (nervous sweat smells bad). So in the interests of workplace harmony I always wear it at work, just in case.

I used to wear it only before going to work, but nowadays I can’t be arsed to put it on for anything. I have a travel bag with toiletries in it so if the need is a need I can put some on at will.

I don’t know if I always need deodorant, but I definitely need antiperspirant. Ever since I started using the “clinical strength” versions of deodorant/antiperspirant, I’ve been happily quite dry.

Y’all are lucky. I have to use it as soon as I get out of the shower, or within minutes, I will stink. (Okay, so it usually takes an hour for other people to notice.)

  • crosses BigT off list for potential camping expedition companions *

At least two people that I know never wear deodorant. Ask me how I know.

I have never used it, and I often take showers only two or three times a week.

My wife has always been amazed that I can run ten miles, towel off, and then get dressed for whatever occasion, with no odor whatsoever.
And it’s not like she’s just being nice about it either—when my breath is less than pleasant she has no problem letting me know about it.

She told me a few weeks ago that she saw some program where they were talking about a physical trait that causes some people to stink and others not to stink. Apparently I have been spared the “stinky sweat” gene.

I don’t and never have. And the thought of “turning off” my sweat doesn’t appeal to me. I’d rather not screw with it.
I don’t know that I don’t smell when I sweat, but I’m certain that I don’t smell nearly as much as some people I know.

My wife also complains when my mouth stinks. It is generally some food caught in some area that neither brushing nor flossing gets to (and I am aware of the bad taste too), but once or twice has been decay. She does not hesitate to tell me about that, but can detect no BO.

Deodorants don’t turn off sweat; they prevent the odor by masking it with some sort of perfume, as well as acting as an antimicrobial, killing the bacteria that cause odor. Antiperspirants turn off sweat. You can get deodorants without antiperspirant.

Oh yes. After a couple years in middle school with a stinky guy in the same homeroom (we were grouped by surname), I will wear deodorant even if I think I’m just fine, because I’m not going to accidentally inflict stank on anyone around me.

Jeez, give me the benefit of a doubt – I’m clearly talking about antiperspirants here!

Why the hell do so many people on the Board assume others don’t know what they’re talking about?