Deodorant poll

I was reading Slypork’s thread about his coworkers, and it got me to thinking about hygeine issues, or really about just this one in particular. We can do a shower one later :).

I remember a thread about this some months back, but the polling option wasn’t enabled then, so I thought we’d take another crack at it.

The poll will have check buttons for multiple choice, but please only select one option for your use and one for others’ uses.

I chose the option that everyone should wear it…BUT, my dad is one of those people that never stinks. He’s a mutant. Doesn’t wear deodorant and mosquitoes don’t bite him.

Everyone else but my dad should wear it.

When you say “deodorant,” do you mean “anti-perspirant and/or deodorant,” or just “deodorant?”

Sorry, that should be either anti-perspirant or deodorant. I know they’re different, but people usually use them for the same purpose.

Okey-dokey. Don’t mean to be nitpicky - just wanted to be sure we were on the same page. :slight_smile:

I don’t wear it because I don’t need it. Most Asian women don’t. I wore it as a teenager though.

That being said, I wish deoderant would catch on in this part of the world. Not all us Asians are hairless and sweatless. Taking public transportation in the summer is quite the ordeal.

Should have differentiated between a deodorant and an anti-perspirant.

I find it amusing that the average Doper thinks “Well, not everyone needs deodorant, but I sure as hell do.”
I mean, that’s how I voted, but it’s still funny.

I wish that I’d been able to convince one of my ex boyfriends that Axe spray-on =! deodorant.

A number of East Asians, like my S.O., don’t need deodorant. Hardly any apocrine glands = no B.O. I’m so envious.

That’s a lot of people who wear deodorant or antiperspirant every day. I chose sometimes/mostly because I may not wear any if I’m just hanging around the house doing chores on the weekend.

I can also get away with not wearing it if it’s cold weather. I don’t perspire freely just sitting at my desk working.

I wear it every day. I put some on when I go to bed and some more when I get up.

I have yet to meet a person who said they didn’t need it that actually didn’t need it.

I use fancy $6/bar organic aluminum free deodorant (not antiperspirant!) that smells like tea tree oil. It’s one of those few things I’ll really spend way more than necessary on.

I wear it myself (deodorant, never anti-perspirant) but do not see an answer for others that encompasses my view, which is “to each their own.” All of the choices are phrased to be too judgmental one way or the other.

Same here. I’ll put it on if I’m leaving the house and will interact with people while I’m out, but otherwise, I might not bother. I’m not a big fan of using any sort of chemical cosmetic products unnecessarily.

I ignored the 1-option-only rule because there’s nothing exclusive between:

Most people should wear deodorant. Not everyone needs it, though.
Most people should wear deodorant, but lots of people don’t know whether they need it.

So nya nya nya.

I have no way of knowing if everyone needs it or most people need it- I guess there are people that never wear it and don’t need to. I wear it not because I know I need it, but I’m afraid of offending anyone if I don’t. I’d be mortified if others found me smelly and I was oblivious, so I swipe some on every morning, except on those days that I intend to spend working outside or doing sweaty, grimy work. No need until after I clean myself up.

Another person saying most E. Asians - like MY SO - don’t need it.

I, being E. Indian, wear mine every single day. Thanks be to whatever god made us hairy and made us sweat a lot. Even the girls. Sigh.

Yeah, I’m finding this poll pretty surprising, actually. If I recall correctly from the last thread (which I’m too lazy to dig up), a lot of people said things like “how can you not wear it? If you think you don’t need it you’re deluding yourself.”

Since I work at home, alone, it would be silly to wear deodorant every day. And my partner doesn’t care one way or the other. But I do wear it when I go out.

Me too. Most days, I use it. Occasionally if I know I’m just going to be home doing chores, I may not bother. I do shower twice a week, and every day I don’t shower, I get a bath.

What I use is an anti-perspirant/deodorant, but my hubby does not like anti-perspirant, so we spend lots of money for his tea tree oil deodorant that Rex Goliath mentioned. I’ll admit, however, to being less than bargain-conscious myself if a particular fragrance appeals to me. I mean, so it’s $6.00 a bar. What does that break down to in daily cost? Not bloody much.

Still, I do know people who just tend not to stink much. I’ve known people who only bathe/shower a couple of times a week and don’t use deodorant, but you never detect an odor about them.

Unfortunately, I’ve also known people who, even though they bathed regularly, didn’t use deodorant but really should have. So I, too, chose two options for other people. My husband, in fact, is one of those people who would stink to the high heavens by noon if he didn’t use deodorant, even though he showers every morning. Sometimes in the summer, he has to shower at bed-time, too, in spite of having showered with deodorant body wash and using stick deodorant.

Some people just stink faster than others.

I think the reason most of the people chose “always use” for themselves is, one, you can’t always tell if you’re one of the people who needs it; two, if you’re just in the habit of putting it on while you’re getting dressed, you may prefer the simplification of just doing it rather than the mental acrobats associated with “Hmmmm, am I really gonna need this today?” If you’re not sure you don’t need it, it’s best to err on the side of being non-offensive.