Could some knowledgeable Doper(s) point me towards the best antivirus software on the Net today, without my having to pay an arm and a leg to get a hold of it (free software, needless to say, would be a plus! :smiley: )? Bear in mind that I’m far from a technical wiz so installation (and maintenance/operation) would have to be fairly simple…

I’m not exactly looking for bells and whistles: just software that would protect me adequately against viruses floating around. Is there a site out there which tests and compares (pros and cons) the different softwares available on the Net and in retail?

Many thanks in advance.

AntiVir Personal Edition by H+BEDV is free. They don’t seem to be such a big brand name internationally, but so far I never had any problems.
The nice thing is that the Personal Version is completely free, including unlimited data updates, without any ads or other annoyances.

[url=“”]AVG from Grisoft is free for personal use and has a good reputation.

You should really read the “Have a computer problem, read this first” thread as it has more links than you’ll ever care to know about.

Thank you for your input. Chairman Pow, my bad…I Should have checked that thread first. I’m still looking for a site comparing the pros and cons of the different types of software, though.

I use AVG real-time as do a lot of the dopers here. I’ve not had any trouble with it. I also use Etrust (that came with my DSL) and the trendmicro to “spot check” AVG. AVG’s caught a couple of potential trojans but neither of the other two have ever caught anything. I can only assume that 1) AVG works fine or 2) I haven’t ever gotten a virus (trojans aside).

I also tried Avast!, but the damn thing installed a keylogger! I got rid of that fast.