Good inexpensive anti-virus software?

I need to set my mom up with some inexpensive anti-virus software. Any cheap recommendations? User-friendliness is a plus, she’s not very computer literate.

AVG Antivirus is good, and updates automatically. It’s at

I second the AVG reccomendation - easy to use, automatic updates, and best of all, its free! :smiley:

And yet another reccomendation for AVG. Just set it up to auto-update: if she’s on dial-up make sure to leave her directions to not panic (and, what to click) when it wants to update itself. You can also set it to do a full scan every X amount of time as well.

<< Wheee! >>

It’s FREE???

Thanks guys!

AVG is good, and here is another I’ve heard of:

Both are free I believe.

Another vote for AVG. Free and no problems in the year or so I’ve been using it.

Thanks also Svt4Him, we’ll give that a try if AVG doesn’t work out.

I wasn’t aware of a free version of AV software. However, after being bitten by a virus several months ago that required reformatting our hard drive, I don’t think you can spend too much on good AV software.

Hmmm… It turns out that I had a virus. Thanks!