any 3D animators here?

just wondering… yep.

the message board at has been somewhat empty lately.

so, yeah. COME FORTH!

Been doing 3d animation for about a decade now. Originally I used Aladdin4d on the Amiga, but for the past two years I’ve been struggling to learn lightwave. Currently I’m using 5.5 but hope to upgrade to 6.0 soon


i am learning maya right now.

we use lightwave 6.0 here at work.

i am looking for someone to answer some MEL (maya embedded language) scripting questions.
what kind of stuff do you do, rubes?

I’m a hardcore Lightwave jocky myself!

I’d love to learn maya for the charactor animating aspects, but for the time bieng I’m stuck with metamation and skelegons, oh well.

What do you do anyway?

myself, i shoot and edit.

i am getting somewhat bored with it, that is why i am learning maya.

i’m at a production house in toronto.

what about you?

I do animation all day, mostly in the German software**Cinema4D**.

It’s mainly used for TV ad embellishment.
It has a lot of automatic explosion modes, etc.

Since most of my work ends up on web pages, it might seem like overkill, but it makes an amazing difference over the Dreamweaver ilk.