A Couple Questions about TrueSpace7.something

I’ve been piddling around with TrueSpace (hey, it was free and looked cool) and have a couple of questions for anyone with experience.

[li]How do I save animations? [/li][li]I understand the physics simulator and the 2D scripting layout, would it be better to create and save animations in either one, or both perhaps?[/li][li]I did create an animation in the play area with the key frames and such, any tips on tweeking?[/li][li]Do animations need to be lightly rendered as in the play area or can they be fully rendered as in the model area?[/li][/ul]

Really I got the program to create and play with images, here’s one I like for example. The animation functions look awesomely appealing though.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

One quick bump, for old times sake.

Oh, and a link to the TrueSpace page. As I mentioned, the software is a free download, doesn’t seem to have any malware attached and does produce some nicely rendered 3D images even if I can’t figure out how to save animations.


It’s a fun thing to play around with.