Any truespace 5 owners?

Do you come across a lot of ‘bugs’ in it? I am always trying to do interesting things but it seems like I am blocked every time by some bug.

The most recent one (and the one that prompted me to write this post) was this…
I have a box, I flip the surfaces so that it’s inside out. The directx realtime render shows this has worked, but every time I properly render it the box turns it’self outside in (in other words it renders as a normal box)
this is very annoying because I am trying to use the box to be a room, so that I can render inside it.

I even went as far as taking the ‘room’ from the radiositytest.scn that you get with truespace, and putting it in a new scene. that didn’t work either.
If I didn’t know better I’d say truespace has a mind of it’s own, that’s trying it’s best to stifle my creativity.

I can’t really help you with your bugs, but I spend a lot of time going through the galleries at They have forums there (you need to sign up to see them, but it’s free) on all the major graphics programs, like Truespace, Terragen, Bryce, etc. I don’t know what the quality (accuracy, helpfulness) of the forums are like, but it might be worth checking out.