Any advance buzz on the next Coen Brothers movie?

The revived Coen Brothers movie poll thread reminded me that I’ve been wanting to ask if anyone has any pre-release inside scoop on the Coen Brothers’ upcoming movie, Inside Llewyn Davis. It’s about the 1960s folk music scene, says IMDB, and should be released sometime this year.

Yay, I see that John Goodman will be in it; also Justin Timberlake.

Anyone heard anything yet?

This isn’t much but I just saw this story at The Wrap.

Here’s an article and interview with Joel Coen from the New York Times that came out just before the above happened.

I’m not much into folk music, but as a die-hard Coen fangirl, I’ll go anywhere they take me, and I’m pretty sure I’ll love the hell out of it. I’m very excited about seeing Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake in a Coen Brothers film!
Here’s a Twitter reaction from the actress Kate Mara (Brokeback Mountain, 127 Hours, Rooney’s sister):

Thanks, Equipoise. It sounds promising. I’m also not big on folk music, but I might be after seeing this film.

Man, not to derail the thread but I had no idea Kate and Rooney Mara were sisters. It seems so obvious now.