Any advice for selling to big to ship on ebay?

I have set of nice rims and tires. Probably worth $600. No response so far on Craigslist. What about eBay. I’m not willing to ship but I am willing to meet someone halfway. Maybe 50 miles. I have sold a handful of small items on eBay but nothing with this value or bulk. Any advice will be helpful.

Why not ship? People buy and sell refrigerators, sofas, all kinds of enormous stuff on eBay. And they charge a fortune for shipping (probably where they make a good bit of their profit, too) the big stuff.

Take note of how much other people on eBay are charging to ship similar items, and do a little price-checking locally of how much you could expect to pay to ship, and price accordingly.

I don’t think you’d have very good luck by trying to list something on eBay and saying that it’s for local pick-up only. Seems like Craigslist would work better for that.

Local pickup only works on eBay, I bought a chipper that way. It isn’t ideal, but a lot of folks would rather go pick it up than pay a fortune to have it shipped.

If your rims and tires are nice but not extraordinarily desirable or collectible, this is probably your best option. Can you weigh them? That would help you estimate shipping costs.

If they’re collectible or highly desirable, you may have some luck by stating in your listing that the buyer is responsible for arranging shipping or pickup. I did this with a jukebox that I sold on eBay many years ago (yes, the previous owners of my house left a vintage jukebox - in poor condition - in the basement).

I’ve sold rims and tires on eBay. Tires were easy. Strap them together in pairs, label, and ship. Rims are a little more difficult, because they have to be padded, but it’s certainly doable. If you’re selling the rims with the tires on, you can strap them together, but make sure you pad all the rim surfaces.

Well, with the price of gas these days, the radius of “Makes more sense to go drive over there and pick it up myself” has gotten a lot smaller.

When you’ve got a product like rims & tires, that only a small portion of the population is looking for at any given time, and an even smaller portion of THOSE would be wanting your exact rims and tires… it might just be excluding too much of your market to not consider shipping.

In my experiance, ebayers are stupid, and will bid on these kinds of things then expect you to ship them. Poor reading comprehension, and all. Then you get to hassle with ebay over unpaid ended auctions and fee recovery and all that.

You might be setting yourself up for a big ol’ mess of problems doing ebay with “local pickup”.

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