Any Age of Mythology players here?

I am just completely fascinated with the strategic possibilities of this game. I played AoE for about a month, skipped AoK, and just decided to really get into the series now and AoM is a chance to start fresh. I haven’t played multiplayer yet but if anyone is up for a game let me know. I beat the computer on hard but it was a cheesy archer rush.

I’m playing it. I’m not so good at this type of game, so I’m on easy level. I’m enjoying it! Lots of cool interesting myth units.

I’ve played it a few times. The graphics are very nice, and the different gods and myth units are pretty neat. I haven’t played enough to hash out the pros/cons of each god, but there seems to be enough variety to make the game interesting.

Gameplay-wise, it’s a big adjustment for me from AoK/AoC, since the static defenses in AoM are practically non-existent compared to the previous games. The first time I tried to wall off my town in moderate mode I got slaughtered. No more turtling for me!

Not that that’s a bad thing, just different, I suppose.

And I really, really miss the trebuchets. I know they wouldn’t make sense in this game, but I just loved watching them in action in AoK/AoC.

I played a little AoE and less AoK. They are incredible games but I find this one much more interesting in terms of possible strategies. This is a much faster game and as things currently are, most games are over before walls are even built. It’s currently just rush, rush, rush. Even the experts. It’s in it’s “outrush” them stage. I suppose the tide will turn.

Great post.

I haven’t played it yet but after seeing the trailer for it before PUNCH DRUNK LOVE I was sold.

…It wasn’t until after that I realized that it was sort of strange to play a commercial for a computer game before that movie.

And no trebuchets is only a good thing in my book.

They are my least favorite parts of open scenarios in AOK. In custom scenarios those are the one unit that I will ban.