Anyone playing HOMM V yet or playing Age of Wonders?

I am just curious as to how Turn base strategy game players like the new Heroes of Might & Magic V and if anyone else is playing Age of Wonders.
I exhausted HOMM IV and I have been playing AOW II: Shadow Magic.


Meh. I stuck with HOMM3.

HOMMV is good, but brutally hard, and the missions take forever. I’m on (I think) the last mission of the demon campaign (during which, for some reason, you use elf-cities almost exclusively.) But, it’s very cool none-the-less.

I haven’t played AOWII in a long time. IIRC, there was one mission I could never get past. Cool game, though.

I haven’t played the new HOMM game yet, but I much prefer AOW and AOW II to the older HOMM games. Disciples II was an excellent game also.

I tried HoMMV shortly. My assessment is that its just the same as HoMM3, but with different graphics. And I actually liked the old graphics better, you had a better overview.

Still better than that atrocity of HoMM4 though.