Age of Wonders 3 released today

Anyone buying it? Anyone else looking it over? Any other fans of the franchise?

I remember playing 2 way back in the day :wink: I purchased it, but no 1440p support makes me a sad panda. They’re working ona patch, so I’ll wait till it’s out before digging in.

Looks amazing though, I’ve been watching the quill playthroughs.

I’m kind of taking a wait for the first patch and a lot of reviews approach. I’m waiting to read more about the editor and random map generator. Those are the features that made AOW2 Shadow Magic so replay-able.

I’m hooked on the series, and a metacritic score of 84 is pretty damn good. Still, my queue is full, so I’ll most likely wait until it’s on sale, or I’m drunk and feeling rich. Whichever comes first.