Neverwinter Nights 2

So here we are. About a week left and I’m looking forward to it. Dad (gonzomax) is looking forward to it as well, because he hasn’t had a good RPG in quite a many moons (he knows of Oblivion, but I haven’t bought it).

This game should be purdy nice. I look forward to it and all its various expansions.

Anyone else pumped up for this?

Er, isn’t it Neverwinter Nights 2?

But yeah, i’m pumped. I thought the plot last time wasn’t as bad as some people say, but i’m still hoping it’ll be better this time round.

I haven’t really been following much of the development news, so this one kinda snuck up on me. NWN2 seems very promising. Nice graphics, plenty of character options, a bigger party, and a KOTORII-style influence system. Nice.

I’ev long felt that Bioware, while having a number of interesting ideas, has long had a slightly sloppy and rathre incomplete execution. Black Isle (and its newer incarnation of Obsidian) is top-notch in terms of putting everything in that needs to be there.

Of course, KotOR2 was a bit of dissappointment in that regard, but that was more Lucasarts’ fault.

Yeah, my fat fingers saw it fit to poke “3” instead of “2”.

I am an idiot and that is all for now. Hopefully we can keep this thread handy for when the game actually…you know…comes out.

I was going to bump the older one, but I’ll bump this one instead. Today is the ship date, so it should be in most stores tomorrow. I’m going to get it at Fry’s tomorrow, because their price is $37.99 at our local store ($39.99 online). Early word is that it’s awesome. Gah, I’m so excited! I plan to get everything out of the way tomorrow, so I won’t have to do anything all night except install and play the game.

Gameplay are selling the original NWN bundled with NWN2 for £25 in the U.K. but i’m not sure if they ship overseas. For those impatient souls you can download it now from Think I am going to wait a while before buying this one, first of all to let things settle down a bit, such large games always seem to suffer a few months of bugs before things get ironed out and second to see how well it will run on my computer. Sometimes minimum requirements seems to mean “will run acceptably with xyz” and other times it seems to mean “will run slow as hell and be completely unplayable with xyz, but it will load so technically that is the minimum”.

I decided to take the plunge and purchase NWN2 at direct2download. I’m hoping to play it tonight and provide some first impressions for folks later. May I never use this phrase again, but I truly am giddy as a schoolgirl.

Please do post your impressions but please also avoid unboxed plot spoilers, thanks!

Count me in as another doper who is stoked. I’ve got my preorder in and hope to pick it up at lunch tomorrow.

A general question: Do most PC games set the release date as the day it is being shipped? I always figured the release date was the date you could start buying it.

And a specific question: What is your first character going to be?

Quick first impressions before I head to bed:

  • Story so far is utterly adequate. None of the characters have come across as anything but bland, yet I still hold out hope since I just now exited the first town.

  • Graphics are kinda cool.

  • I’m finding the UI somewhat bulky, especially the camera controls, but it’s getting easier as time goes on.

Cross my fingers that things improve.

I’ve cleared my figurative plate for this evening. Got my exercise done early; I’ve worked on my fantasy novel; I’m already ahead of schedule for my new thriller (only need to write 2 1/2 pages to stay on schedule, so anything else is bonus.) Need to wash and dry a load of clothes, but that won’t take more than a few minutes.

I’m excited. We’ll (we’re buying two copies to go through the game together) install the game and watch the last episode of S2 of Lost while we eat dinner, then it’s hours upon hours of Neverwinter Nights 2.

I haven’t decided on what race/class I want to play. I want to try all of them. The manual is available online, and I was looking through it yesterday to see what changes exist versus the P&P game. Looks like they stayed as close as they reasonably could to the 3.5 ruleset.

Question for those who’ve played it:

Are there bigger environments in this game? I like the original a lot but every environment seemed so small and linear. Exploring a castle or dungeon was like going from room to room to room. Uhh, maybe you understand what I’m saying.

Does it get any better in NWN2?

Has it been authoritatively stated that it’ll have a good co-op mode? I ask because the co-op in the first game was always kind of buggy- and Undrentide even more so.

I hope it’s got good multiplayer, 'cause we play together as well. Of course, that means I’ll have to buy another copy of the damn game.

I’ll probably be playing a human Monk/Sorceror. Those two classes work really well together… at least until you get hit with a Greater Dispel and all those buffs go down.

I decided to pick up a copy today. I got the Limited Edition, which was $60. It has a cloth map, an artbook, two rings, and a bonus feat in the game.
I’m a total sucker for the bonus edition thing. Hopefully the map and artbook are cool. I haven’t actually opened the box yet, I’m going to work on homework first. I might not even get around to playing it today.

I’d like to check out the manual online, but my Google-fu has failed me. Does anyone have the link?

I dropped by the local EB Games to pick up my preordered copy… and let my friend have it. I shouldn’t buy another game while I’m still working through Bully. Dammit.

It won’t run on my current machine, so I won’t get it til I upgrade. And I can’t justify an upgrade just for NWN2! By the time I’m ready to play, there will doubtless be a patch anyhow. Between this and Oblivion I won’t see the light of day for months.

The Limited Edition (with extra stuff I don’t need but want anyway) sounds cool!

Fry’s said their shipment was delayed (BASTARDS!), so I ordered it from Best Buy for in-store pickup. As soon as my husband gets home, I’m going to rattle off the instructions to finish cooking the food and run out and get it.

There’s a patch out for it already. It’s been taking longer to download the 82.7 MB file than it took to install the game.
You’ll want to begin installing a few hours before you start playing. Get the patching process started right away after installation and go watch a movie or something.