Video Games you're looking forward to this year.

As for me;

Hellgate: London. Because it looks really good.

Company of Heroes: Opposing Forces. Because the original was just a fantastic game.

BioShock doesn’t look like my kind of game, but I suspect others on here will be looking forward to it.

Mass Effect: Because every time I see a preview/trailer/images for this game, I drool. It just looks so damn fantastic. I may get an Xbox360 just for this game and Halo 3.

…oh, and Halo 3.

The expansion thing for Neverwinter Nights 2. Can’t remember what it’s called off the top of my head.

Halo 3, but I still need to buy an Xbox 360.

The only other game is Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, not because I like the franchise so much but my son does. I’ve pre-ordered both of them so that he and I can battle against each other. The battling over the internet should be fun. Means he can be at his mom’s house and me in my apartment and still play.

I refuse to look forward to games. I had my hopes that any upcoming release would be good beaten out of me over a gradual period until around ten years ago I just stopped caring about what was coming out and now I wait until it arrived and actually is good.

Far Cry was so much fun. This one looks better.

Mario Party 8 for the Wii.

Super Mario Galaxy.

Me too, and Smash Bros. Brawl… or is that early 2008?

Bioshock. I’m usually not big on the first person shooter type game, but this one looks really interesting.

Already released but I’ve been too lazy to get yet…God of War 2.

Super Mario Galaxy (wii)
MySims (wii)
Actraiser (wii virtual console)

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (DS)

Bioshock (360, if I get one)
GTA4 (360, if I get one)


What?? No, no, no. It’s really coming out this year! It’s really coming out! They promised!

I would have put Spore, but it’s so not going to. :wink:

Halo 3, for me. But not too anxious, spring is here, and with the little gaming I get in, Gears of War is keeping me entertained. Plus, between Sam Fisher’s dirty looks and Scott Mitchell’s obvious jealousy over the attention GoW is getting, I don’t need something new for quite some time.

I’m looking forward to buying Oblivion 4 for my PS3. I know it’s out but I’m not getting it until after the semester is over and I’ll have the summer to [del]waste[/del] work on it.

Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii and Portal on the PC. Maybe BioShock on the PC as well, but I’ll wait and see.


Mercenaries 2. A game so awesome it may cause an international incident! (Hugo Chavez has said the game is a precursor for a US invasion.)


I’m looking forward to Tabula Rasa. Closed Beta is supposed to start within a few weeks, so presumably it will be out this year. It looks to be a fast-paced MMO with a sci-fi theme and a goal of reducing MMO grind. Notably, you don’t have to repeat the early levels when you start a new character–as you progress through the game, you can make “snapshots” of your character, and branch new characters off from those points. It’s not a shooter, but it does make use of terrain and cover elements, and player actions will influence the game world to a greater extent than in most current games.

Also, I’m interested in seeing what they do with the pictographic language they’ve created for it. I’ve been enjoying the pre-Beta contests around it, and I’d like to see them build in puzzle elements using it.

Metroid Prime 3.