What are your most anticipated games of 2013?

Wondering what you guys are looking forward to this year - other than new hardware towards the end, of course :wink: My March is kind of packed in already, but there’s still a lot to look forward to later on.

My list:

  • Sim City
  • Bioshock: Inifinte
  • Tomb Raider
  • Total War: Rome II
  • Company of Heroes 2

Sim City and Wateland 2.

Grand Theft Auto V.

Most of what’s already been named above.

Definitely Rome Total War II…that’s the big one for me this year. Wasteland 2 will also be one of the games I’m anticipating. Elder Scrolls Online might be cool, assuming it ever is completed. There is also a kickstarter multiplayer space sim game that I was reading about a few months ago that looked like it might be cool…can’t think of the name of it right now, but watched a pretty long video on it and it LOOKED like it might be a really interesting game.

Star Citizen? The amazing looking, 100,0000+ polygon models, CryEngine 3, “next gen” PC exclusive that’s going to almost single-handedly bring back the space combat genre and blow everyone’s mind?

That’s coming 2014 :wink:

Yeah, that’s the one. :slight_smile: Didn’t know it wasn’t coming out until next year, though that’s not surprising.

I’m not much of a gamer, nor do I have anything more than a Wii that hasn’t been dusted off in about a year, but Watch Dogs just looks freaking unreal. If it’s anywhere near as good as that demo, I’m tempted to buy a system just to play it. (ETA: And the fact that it’s set in Chicago is pretty cool to me, too.)

Europa Universalis IV
Wasteland 2, but, since it was a Kickstarter, I’d be happy to wait until they make sure they have it right
Possibly Sim City. I’ve been back and forth from wanting to preorder to completely worried about the possibility of the game being awful.
Did I mention Europa Universalis yet? :slight_smile:

The OP’s Top two were mine. I used to play a lot more than I do now.

PC is the lead platform for the game, just saying :wink:

EU4 - had no idea that was coming out. Trade routes look interesting, especially if it forces naval expansion and control. I could never really leverage South Africa as a choke point for trade from the far east but now you really could.

GTA California (again!)

Bioshock We-already-did-water-twice-I-guess-it’s-air-now-maybe-space-next-time

Total War has a pattern of doing something quite different with one game and polishing it up with the second. Given that:
Shogun 1 was different and Medieval 1 a polishing job
Rome was different and Medieval 2 a polishing job
Empire was different and Shogun 2 a polishing job (Napoleon was a glorified add-on)
It looks like we’re set for something different.

I guess I’m looking forward to GTA 5. But my game purchases are usually on a 12-18 month delay from when they’re actually released, so I’ll probably spend 2013 buying games like Mass Effect 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3.

I got Macs in this house, but I can Bootcamp it if need be. Or, maybe if I get lucky, it will be released for OS X in five years. :wink:

I hadn’t really thought about it, but definitely the new GTA.

I’m putting EUIV as one to buy in '14. I love Paradox games but you should never buy them within the first year of release. It usually takes a few patches for the game to be playable.

Is it a bad sign that the only games anyone has mention here so far that I care about AT ALL are Bioshock Infinite (In which I have what I would describe as ‘some interest’) and Wasteland 2 (Which I don’t, honestly, expect to launch this year.)?


I guess I’m excited for Tales of Xillia too, and I hope the ‘full’ version of Banner Saga makes it out this year, but I’m not holding my breath. (Nor am I holding it for Star Citizen, which will shock me if it appears in 2014.)

GTA V and Wasteland 2 for sure!

Dodgers-Giants April 1-3.

Wasteland 2 already has a playable alpha build and Banner Saga launched a multiplayer combat standalone just a while ago. I’d be surprised to see them delayed to 2014 - there’s still a lot of this year left.

Besides those two I’m not sure what I’m waiting for. A lot of the games I ended up playing in 2012 I got on a whim or never knew they were coming until they launched or didn’t know beforehand that I’d end up liking them. Maybe I’ll just play ToME and Planetside 2 all year like I’ve been doing the last two months.

Yeah, I’m in the same boat. The game I’m playing the most right now (Orcs Must Die 2) I actually bought as a whim when it was on sale on Steam. The most anticipated games I was looking forward to last year were XCOM and Diablo III, which I did enjoy and play but am pretty much done with now (I haven’t bought the new DLC for XCOM yet…and there hasn’t been a DLC for Diablo III yet, and at this point I hardly care) and Guild Wars 2, which I played for a few weeks and then gave up on and move on.