Any & all food does not effect your body whatsoever. What do you eat?

We are now living in a perfect world. You don’t have to eat to stay alive and/or healthy. You can not eat, and you can eat all day of anything you want. What do you eat?

I’d probably eat once a day on ice cream, french fries, meringue cookies. And drink a lot more coffee.

Carbonara, hamburgers, fried chicken…and pie; lots of pie. Apple, blueberry, raspberry, if it’s a fruit and can be made into a pie, I’m eating it.

Oh my God, my diet…

…actually wouldn’t change that much. I’d probably indulge in cheesecake and hash browns more often, but a steady three meals a day of ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon, and chocolate peanut butter cups would get old really fast.

(Does poison and all that not apply as well? Because it’d be cool to chow down on some raw pufferfish sushi…)

I’d eat a lot less which should make when I eat much more enjoyable.

(I find stopping to have a meal gets in the way of what I want to be doing far too often.)

There would be cheesecake and much sushi - but not together.

There would also be more avocadoes and chips, often together. And the avocado dip made with avocado and cream cheese. I currently have to avoid the ACC dip and not eat avocadoes very often. They do a number on the digestion since the gall bladder went to that big hospital waste dump in the sky.

I hope this perfect world includes nicotine. Because the first I’d be doing is lighting up an entire pack of smokes.

Then I’d eat nothing but cheeseburgers and drink martinis.

Come to think of it, this is my idea of heaven. Maybe someday I’ll get there.

I started to type a huge menu, but figured it would be easier to just say I’d eat like a hobbit. Second breakfast and everything. I’d probably down 15000 calories a day, much of it pork products. And steak. And buffalo wings. And beer.

Lobster. Covered in movie theater popcorn butter.

And lots and lots of Nutter Butters.

I’d actually be eating much less.

I typically only eat when I’m hungry and it’s convenient. Or if I’ve gone too long without I’ll make time for something.

But the money I’d be saving by not eating for survival would go towards some excellent steak dinners.

And whatever food I might happen to crave at the time. All over the map with that one. Anything from a bowl of white rice to a footlong chili-cheese dog.

Oh good point. I could afford sushi more often if I wasn’t spending money on milk and Cheerios.

Wow. When Obama talked about change, he wasn’t kidding!


Steak and potatoes. Fried shrimp. Fried mushrooms. Fried chicken. Fried zucchini.

As it is, I eat steak now and then. But I gave up potatoes and all fried foods a couple of years ago and boy, do I miss them.

Pizza and cheeseburgers. And cannolis. In fact, a pizza with cheeseburger and cannoli topping. :smiley:

Yeah, many types of pizza. Bacon cheeseburgers with mayo. Onion rings with much salt. Every variety of cheesecake. Cheese sticks. Cheesesteaks with mayo and lettuce only. Steak and mashed potato. Steak and baked potato. Fried chicken. Tortellini alfredo. This amazed steak tips and gorgonzola pasta I had at that place. Clam chowder (New England). Broccoli and cheese soup.

Port Salut
Applewood smoked cheddar
Blue castello
Dutch smoked
The cream cheese with the walnut filling
The semi-firm cheese with chives in it
The cream cheese with the peppers swirled through it
Kraft Philadelphia
Kraft cheese spread, the type that comes in a jar
Roaring Forties

pizza, macaroni and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, and salad.

actually, that’s pretty much what I eat for real.

Let’s just say that I would financially ruin us. I shit you not. I would literally eat 24/7 (seriously, “food does not affect your body whatsover.” You would never even feel full?) I’ll be I could go through hundreds of dollars of food per day, even if I worked for 8 hours.

Count me in with the folks that said their diet would remain relatively unchanged. I’m sure that one day I will have to give up certain foods for health reasons; but, knowing that, I intend to enjoy those foods as much as possible while I am still able.

Certain things will, of course, pose a problem. For example, I may one day need to give up bacon in order to prevent my immediate demise. But, do I really want to live for a bunch more years in a world without bacon? I’m not so sure I do…

Anyway, if there were absolutely no repercussions from my food consumption, I would probably eat quite a bit more ridiculously spicy food. I love the spicy food, even though it absolutely hates me. I look utterly miserable when I am eating it - sweaty, jittery, etc - but rest assured, I love it. And it does bad, terrible, ghastly things to my insides, almost each and every time - the details of which I will not attempt to describe - but I keep coming back to it as often as I can.

Pie. Pie pie pie pie pie. Anything covered in pastry and baked. I like pie. Meat pie. Fruit pie. Scottish pastie pie. Cheese pie. Egg pie. Pie.

And chocolate and coffee. If I could tolerate caffeine again, I’d be all over the coffee. Coffee and pie.

Fried food and chocolate. Not a big fan of non-chocolaty sweets.

Oh, unless it’s in pie form. Lots and lots of pie. Pecan pies, fruit pies, even mince pies with hard sauce.

Actually, it’s mostly money that keeps me from gorging on this stuff now.

ETA: featherlou snuck in front of me - some of those savory pies would be good. And I definitely want coffee with my pie.