Any Android phone games like the board game "Clue"?

My 8 y.o. granddaughter has discovered the board game Clue, and wants to play every time she is over at our house. Unfortunately, my wife and I don’t always have the time for both of us to sit down and play it with her. I thought I would look in the Play Store to see if there was an Android “Clue” game so that she could play on my phone. But mostly what I find are “helper” apps like the clue sheets. There is also something called “Clue Bingo”, but it appears to be more of a bingo game using Clue characters, which is not exactly what I’m looking for.

Are there any Android games like Clue, or other murder mystery style games that would be appropriate for an 8 year old?

Not really like Clue, but Another Case Solved is a fun detective game. There is a bit of a story and 4 different kinds of puzzles. 2 of them are logic puzzles and the other 2 have some strategy but are also luck based.