Any Animal Crossing: Wild World players on DS? Need an assist via WiFi

I’m a middle-aged woman who is the only person she personally knows who has a Nintendo DS(i). I’m also… addicted to Animal Crossing: Wild World.

I finally discovered somewhere that I can hook up via the Nintendo WiFi Connection during the week in daytime hours, and downloaded some bonus puzzles to my Professor Layton game. My home network has too strong of a security configuration and can’t access Nintendo’s other game features via WiFi.

But there’s one thing I need help from others to do, and it’d be a one-time event.

That would be - I need to exchange Friend Codes with someone who also owns the game, have my DS up and running and connected to WiFi, invite them into my little town during the week/general work hours (in the US, approximately Eastern/Central time), and ask them to simply buy an item or two from the store there. This is a prerequisite to upgrading the store from “Nookway” to “Nookington’s”, the two-level department store with a hair salon in it. :smack:

I don’t entirely trust the completely random hordes online since malicious hackers can screw up your town if you’re not careful. I don’t know any little kids with a Nintendo DS.

Anyone out there want to admit to their shameful addiction to this game and help me out? Or PM me if you don’t want to admit it but do want to help? :smiley:

Hey, Ferret Herder, I’ll be able to help you out (and OMG do I ever get addicted to that game once I get started on it), but I won’t be able to log on till sometime next month after I get home from Iraq. Also, I’ve never used Nintendo’s WFC with Animal Crossing, so it’ll take a little figuring out when I’m able to log on. If all that’s OK with you, just let me know, and in return I’ll let you buy something from my store in order to upgrade it. :smiley:
Speaking of Friend Codes, is there a thread on here to post our various codes for Wii and DS games?

Cool, sounds good. :slight_smile: If I get help from any Dopers in the meantime I’ll head on over to your town anyway if you like. I’ll send you a PM now just as a reminder since who knows, I may even forget this by then, and you certainly have more on your mind over there!

I like the game info over at, but it took me a while before I figured out that I actually needed someone with another game card to visit my town to make that work - just making a second character on my game didn’t do the trick, and I was misreading what the FAQs were saying.