List your 3DS Friend Codes.

My code is 1461 7482 9968

My handle is MyFootsZZZ.

Would love to play some Mario Kart 7 with other Dopers.

2793 0598 6581

I added MyFootsZZZ.


I don’t have Mario Kart 7 though.


I’ll be adding you all soon. I’ll probably be playing NSMB2 for the next couple days, but after than I’m all for MarioKart.

I’m Sara (4511 0482 9962)

Added Footz, Wolv, Borsch, and Xander. :slight_smile:

I’ve already seen Footz on the MK racetrack!

Alright who’s ready for a race?

Apologies for not posting eariler. Definitely down for some racing.


You’ll never guess what my name is. :rolleyes:

Added Antonio! :slight_smile:

Trion: 0216-0794-7287

I’ll be adding names later this evening when I have a spare moment.

Yay! I added everyone who has Mario Kart! Might be getting Tetris Axis if I can find it used somewhere, as well.

Tetris Axis has some really fun puzzle modes - I especially enjoyed the “picture puzzles” that had you assembling a jigsaw puzzle out of Tetris pieces. It started out easy, but got harder and harder until it was outrageously, throw-the-3DS-at-the-wall difficult! :slight_smile:

I added everybody. I’ve only been playing Theatrhythm lately, but I’ll try to pop in Mario Kart sometime if I see anyone online.

Haven’t started my puzzles yet. Been sticking to online mode.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the online music is a Medley of Borodin’s “Polovtsian Dances.” I hate with equal ferocity all of these gimmicky weapons that are impeding my game. “Switch boards with the guy all the way at the top” has got to be my most hated of all of them.

Super Mario 3D Land rocks! I’m on special level 2-1 and can finally play as Luigi. Getting all the star coins and landing at the top of the flag pole each time is getting to be a bitch.

I gotta get gold flags, too?! Augh, this is going to be a bitch to finish…

Has anyone actually gotten any online play in out of this thread? I see y’all online a few times, but it looks like we’re all buried in our platformers! :smiley:

We totally need to set this up. Someone meet me on the track now!

I’m online now… Send me a PM if you see I’m playing the great Link’s Awakening. You can stomp me in MK7

Ok I’m coming.

I see you online but I don’t see an option to join you or anything, I haven’t done this before without setting up a specific friend game.

Try joining me now…