List your 3DS Friend Codes.

Now I’m about to start a race, I’ll try again after that.

Or maybe you can join me in the meantime? I’m not sure how this works.

I’ll join you then.

We got a few nice interactions there:)

Really close there!

Dammit I can’t tell you apart when there’s another Yoshi. What kart are you using?

This japanese guy is way too good.

Man I suck! I have to go out now. :frowning:
We should play battle mode next time.

I dunno we seemed to end up pretty close a lot, be it in the front or the back of the pack, and I did see you on the receiving end of some pretty bad luck. The best part of course was our absolute photo finish in first and second place.

That was really fun though, we should do it again soon and with more people from here.

If we could ever get enough interest we could make a SDMB community with whatever rules we wanted.


Brief hiatus from heavy message boarding for school. :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s maybe 8 or 9 of us at best, so that seems pretty unlikely, but if we maybe could put together a Doodle poll and figure out a time to have a race between the lot of us on MarioKart, that would be awesome!

I’m on now if anyone is interested. The XL sure has renewed my interest in this game.

Thought I’d bump this thread, because I want to find people to play animal Crossing with. Here goes nothing!

I’m playing, 2380-3017-6748.



I unlocked the island yesterday, but I haven’t had a chance to visit yet. :frowning: I don’t get a lot of time to play during the week. I don’t have Mario Kart yet, but it’s on my list.

Yeah, I’m contemplating spoofing the clock ahead 12 hours. Most of my playing is after the store closes!

I plunked down 20,000 bells for the Keep the Town Clean & Flowering ordinance (I kept pulling cans out of the ocean!), and I’m wishing I had put it toward the Night Owl ordinance instead. On the other hand, I’ve started a nice collection of hybrid flowers.

So I added you both as 3DS friends. What’s the step I do so you both show up in the train station list…?

Is the 3DS showing us registered as friends? Mine wasn’t until recently. It looks like that going to the train station is the appropriate procedure though.

I’m playing Animal Crossing as well, just started this weekend, so I’m still feeling it out, but I’ve been surprised how addictive it is. Feel free to add me.


Has anyone had any luck with getting fruit as gifts from the residents? The old trick of sending a “How are you?” letter with some small item attached doesn’t seem to work. I’ve collected quite a few tropical fruits from the minigames, but I’m interested in the regular fruits too.