Any artist dopers met one one of your characters?

Same question as subject…

In my humble opinion, that’s a pretty darn confusing question. Do you mean, like, “Hey, Walt, ever actually meet a talking mouse?”, or do you mean, are the people artists put in their paintings based on real people?

Ack, sorry… What I meant was, have you ever drawn a completely random person only to see them later? It has happened to me a lot, I’d just finished drawing a guy and the next day, I see a guy in real life that looks exactly like the guy I drew (hair, clothes, body shape etc.)

Must be a bitch getting copyright.

::smack:: should’ve seen it coming…

If it makes you feel any better, I can tell you that I’ve had that happen. I think it’s inevitable if we create subjects from our imagination (as opposed to working with models) since we tend to create from generic types, so there are bound to be real folks out there who resemble those types. I’ve probably explained that badly, but something tells me you’ll understand it. :slight_smile: If not…pardon the interruption.

Thanks,** Second Guest**.

It’s happened to me twice. I did a pencil sketch of a guy in a trench-coat with a narrow face, medium color hair and angular features. A couple months later, I saw the guy at a gas station.

The second time regarded a sort of series I was working on that had maybe five, six different drawings of a similar person. The most destinctive feature was the guy’s hair, which was longish, and, when looking straight on, could be seen hanging on either side of his neck below his ears. My best friend (who is now my boyfriend) actually grew this haircut, fully unintentionally. Weird shit.