Any Austin-area or Central Texas Dopers want a Great Dane puppy?

A friend of mine is looking for a home for a 6-month old Great Dane. He has no papers but is full-blood. His parents are pets, so he’s not a puppy-mill pup. He is white with black spots.

The only reason my friends needs to find a home for him is that he is allergic to something in this locale (NE Texas) so she had to give him back to the friends of hers in Austin who own the parents. (Is that enough pronouns?) They’ve since given to dog to another person who lives in a rural area outside of Austin and the allergy, which causes skin inflammation, flared up again so they gave him back. Apparently, though, the allergic reaction doesn’t happen if the poor dog stays indoors or inside the city.

Wow. What a bummer, poor fella. I would love to take this puppy off their hands, however, he would have to be mostly an outside dog here at Casa Bear. We do live inside city limits of San Antonio. But I am sure that my two cats and little Jack Russell terrier would take great exception to such a large dog being an indoor dog, not to mention there not being that much room in here for a tail of that strength and agility. :wink:

I do wish them all best luck in their search for a good home. I tell you what, I will talk with some friends of mine that have a bloodhound who is allergic to almost everything. Perhaps they would take him in, or know someone who would.

Do they give the bloodhound medicine to combat the problem?