Any big plans this year?

I’m moving! I’m from Vancouver Island and I’ve been living in Edmonton for the last 6 years. I decided it’s time to head back to my island and I can’t wait! My pets are coming with me so that means driving which means waiting till the snow is gone from the Rockies and the Coastals. I’ll be heading out at the end of May. Woot!

It’s -22 (-29 with the wind) here today and +4 at home.

Anyone else have any big plans for the year?

We’re thinking of another month-long RV trip in early summer to the Southwest to see the places we missed back in about 2011. We hit something like 20+ national parks, monuments and pueblos and still missed a lot. Also, my wife has an elderly sister in Colorado that she hasn’t seen is well over 20 years, so we may stop by there. In the fall, depending on if we can find a house sitter to take care of our cat, we’ll likely do another month out east. I suppose I could ask here on the Dope if someone reliable wants a month-long vacation in Portland in the fall.

I’ve never done an RV trip of any length but I’ve always wanted to. About a year before he died my grandpa bought a massive, top of the line RV with various mechanical pullout rooms and stuff. It was pretty amazing. I’ve often thought I could live full-time in one, driving around all over North America.

That sounds like a lot of fun and I hope your wife gets to see her sister!

Two come to mind.

I am sending my 15 year old daughter to Tokyo for three weeks to visit my brother. She’ll have a blast. While she’s gone I plan on scooting as much as possible!

My guy and me will be moving in together. We have not decided (as of yet) when exactly that will be, but we’ve talked about this summer being a possibility.
That’s the “big plan,” at this point.

My son graduates from high school and (presumably) will start college this year. My big plan for all this is to stay sane.

We also have plans to take a driving vacation of the Pacific Northwest.

The main ones would be:

Practice my Spanish.

Make more money than last year.

Solve a certain… Creative problem that I have.

Fashion a solid habit out of my currently rather haphazard workout routine.

Solve my lack-of-concentration issues, one way or another.

Make sure my parents meet my coming parents-in-law.

The only biggie on our calendar this year is my husband plans to retire (again) at the end of the year. I’m going to have a party some time in April, I think, but beyond that, just work and life. Since I’m so new in my job, I have virtually no vacation time, so we won’t be going anywhere.

I’m trying to decide on a summer trip. The Maldives are too expensive, a Fjord cruise is longer than the week I have off, I can’t see leaving hot and sunny Phoenix for the hot and sunny Caribbean. I’m thinking it would be best to rent a vacation home in the mountains somewhere but I don’t know where.