Our upcoming journey

We’ve sold our house. Despite the depressed markets, it was only listed for 14 days before somebody grabbed it for full asking price. I guess those wankers at HGTV are correct. A house that is made to look presentable, properly painted and updated, is going to sell faster than one that is not. It took us by surprise, however, as we thought we had about three months to play with. Instead, we close in about 10 days and will be homeless by design.

The RV is ready to go, as is the car that will be following us in dinghy status. We’ll be heading down the Alaska Highway for Washington initially, where we’ll spend a week or so visiting relatives, then begin our adventure eastward, visiting friends and relatives across country, also following a genealogical path through towns where ancestors camped out in their march westward.

We’ll be stopping in places like Flathead Lake and along the Missouri Breaks, visiting Yellowstone and areas in Idaho that look interesting. By fall we’ll be in New England for the changing season, then running down the east coast in front of impending winter, stopping at more genealogy sites and visiting friends we haven’t seen in many years. Also a cousin in Florida whom I’ve never met. She’s 86 and has done a huge amount of research on the family line.

Then across the Southern corridor to see more relatives and to visit the stunning parks of Utah and New Mexico: Bryce Canyon, Mesa, etc. We’ll likely be spending Christmas down there. Then up the west coast, taking our time, moving ever northward to either Portland or Seattle to look for a home. All told, likely a year on the road.

I’ve got mobile broadband, so perhaps you’ll all be hearing updates from time to time. I may be asking for restaurant recommendations, or perhaps we’ll just take our chances. It’s all an exciting prospect and we’re really looking forward to it. Cheers, all.

Let us know when you get to Florida.

Bon voyage and safe passages!

Wow, that sounds incredible! I hope this trip gives you good memories to last a lifetime.

I’m jealous; I really am.

Let me ask mrAru which park in Mo was given to the state by his family - it has [apparently] an actual no shit untouched by farming ever patch of tall grass prairie, if you would like to see what your ancestors actually saw when they were passing through the area=) If memory serves they probably have campgrounds there which would be perfect since you are in an RV =)

As an amateur photographer, this should be a dream trip. We plan on staying off the interstate highways to the extent practical and exploring some back country areas. Most parks are heavily travelled, but there are usually dirt roads meandering off into the bush, and those always intrigue me as long as I’m not hearing banjos. We may decide to do some work-camper type things in national park areas that appeal to us.

It’s with some sorrow that we leave Alaska, but without regrets. It’s entirely possible that I won’t see my brother or sister again, as they’re in their 70s now and not in the best of health. But we’ve seen what we want to see and done what we want to do here; we’ve made enough money to retire, and other places offer much that isn’t available here. I need to see more of my children and grandchildren. So onward with full vigor and optimism.

Now there’s a coincidence- I’m doing almost exactly the same thing, right now. I was living in Seattle until last Wednesday, and we’re due to be in our new house in Baltimore by this next Thursday. Since we’ve got three dogs, we decided it’d be easier and more fun to RV it- so we’re in a rented 30-footer. We’ve been staying in KOAs for the most part.

So far we’ve been to Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore, and we’re now visiting family in Springfield, Illinois.

One thing that surprised me was just how cold it’s been- we ran into a lot of snow in Yellowstone and eastern Wyoming. Also, through most of that area (and South Dakota), cell reception has been completely unreliable. It’s only in Illinois that we’ve been able to surf the net with any speed.

So will you be living in your RV?

My folks do this every summer…they’re currently in Wyoming, on their way to workkamp in West Yellowstone. My dad e-mails pictures and stories about their journey.


Enjoy your trip! Looks like we’ll need to find another local source for updates on Sarah Palin :smiley:

Lemme know if you’re passing thru Wisconsin…

Safe travels Chefguy, and you will certainly enjoy the stunning National Parks here in Utah— If you get the chance, in addition to Zion and Bryce NP, see if you can check out Arches as well.

Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world,and it is certainly worth the side-trip…

Have a great summer, Matthew

We sold everything 7 years ago and set out for 10 months overseas… we’re still on the road. Have a great time.

I am a professional photographer in Moab, Utah; when you get out here in Red Rock country, let me know and I’ll tell you where the cool kids hang out.

Qadgop: We’ll be spending a month or more in WI, as that’s where all my kids and grandkids live (River Falls).

chacoguy420: NOW we’re talkin’. I’m fascinated by the slot canyon photography I’ve seen. The light is amazing, and I would appreciate any helpful direction to the less-visited spots. Our niece lives in Las Lunas, NM so we’ll be basing out of there, probably around Christmas sometime.

Lightnin’: yeah, it’s a bit cold yet in the high country. ATT cell reception is sucky in MT. It’s actually better in the Yukon!

Thanks for the well wishes from all. We will be living in the RV for the most part, barring any unforseen incidents.

Congrats on such a quick home sale! It is amazing what a quick coat of paint and just putting away the clutter can do.

Holy crap, but you sound like you’ve got a thousand relatives scattered across the country. I come from a small and short-lived family and I have trouble visualizing a family with more than three immediate siblings and anyone older than my parents as nobody in our recent generations has lived past 74.

Sounds like fun though.

If you need any help/info if/when you pass through NC (I’m in the Piedmont area) give me a shout.

Well, that’s a bit of a distance from me, but if you get over to the Lake Michigan shore, give me a shout out, if you’re so inclined. If you’re south of Two Rivers or north of Milwaukee along the lake, you won’t be too far from me.

Sounds like a fantastic trip! I’m very very jealous. When we win the lottery, this is something I’d love to do.

Give a shout if you’ll be spending any time in the DC metro area on your southbound east-coast trek, as there are lots of Dopers hereabouts.

We will, in fact, be visiting there. We used to work for the Dept. of State years ago, and we’re going to visit one of our good friends who is now posted in DC. We loved living there, as you never run out of things to do. Of course, the heat is oppressive in summer.

We’ll be taking some 1-2 day trips out of RF during our stay. All my kids work full time, so we’ll need some diversions. If we head your way, I’ll give a shout. Perhaps we can tip a ginger ale or two.

How exciting! If you get down to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas–gimme a holler!