Our upcoming journey

Texas is unlikely for us. I’ve been to San Antonio, which has some interesting history, but not worth the eternal drive to get there. Also been to El Paso and nothing could induce me to return. :smiley:

Wow, sounds like it could be a great adventure! Have fun. If you’re going to be coming through Cleveland, zip me a PM. With some advanced notice, we could throw together a DopeFest.

I have ancestral roots in the Ironton area and also in Jackson County, where an ancestor operated a foundry (actually in Vinton, Hamden Co.). The Ironton ancestor operated a steamboat on the Ohio River during the Civil War, and the family eventually moved across the river to Kentucky, then westward to Oregon. Don’t know if we’ll be going near Cleveland, although it’s on the route eastward from MN to NY. If we detour south to visit the above locations, we may bypass it, though.

May I go with you? I promise to be good and not cause any trouble. Please?

Seriously, it sounds like the road trip of a lifetime and I envy you; I also admire you for doing it.

Good luck and good times.

Traveling around in an RV!
It’s official! You are OLD PEOPLE!

You need a Porn Star sticker on the back of the RV to show off your class!

Yep. Turned 62 yesterday.

You gotta stop by Drumheller Alberta and check out the Royal Tyrell Museum. And then head down to Bozeman for the Museum of the Rockies.