Well, not even sure why I’m sharing. But you guys are good folks.

My dear Wife and I are doing a pretty major road trip in the fall. To visit her family in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. We will be leaving from the central Colorado Rockies. Looks to be about 4000 miles. A big loop. Late September, so good driving weather.

My Wife and I get along great with her family. Very much looking forward to seeing them. I’m a lucky guy. I love my in-laws.

My Wife is frankly a bit sick and tired of the crap you have to do to fly (as am I) and a tiny bit of a nervous flyer (she recently had problems out of the tiny Key West Airport, it was odd, she had all her luggage stripped apart because she had purchased ---- Bath Salts as a gift for a friend, set off the alarms that did).

And my dear heart loves road trips (at least more than airplanes). We have driven to both coasts a number of times for bike races (really need to do it in a car for the bike and the gear).

I was a little hesitant at first. A bit of a long haul for three weeks with visiting family. But I won’t miss 3 airports and 2 car rentals. All of that, frankly sucks.

Start car. Drive. Take whatever you need.

My Wife’s got the perfect ride. 2016 Subaru Outback with ALL the bells and whistles. Broken in enough to be trustworthy.

We will get 5-6 books on CD from the library and put the asphalt behind us. I’ve never done Pittsburgh to Houston before, so that will be new.

Just sharing, but what about you? Any road trips coming up?

I was thinking about doing a run out to Red Rocks to see Drive-By Truckers next month, but can’t get anybody on board.

Wife says, “That’s a lot of money to get drunk in a parking lot”


She’s totally fuckin’ right. :frowning:

Just a short one, up to Telluride, where we’ll hop on mountain bikes and ride to Moab. Originally supposed to start in Durango, but the 416 fire looks to be changing our plans so we’ll have a couple of extra days on the end to ride some more. Will probably end up in Crested Butte, the riding there doesn’t suck.

Don’t know who Drive By Truckers are, but Red Rocks must be visited at least once. Saw Tom Petty twice. Gram Nash. James Taylor. Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers (Yes, that Steve Martin, no Joke :), all banjo) and a few others that I’m ashamed that I can’t quite remember the names at the moment.

Red Rocks can’t quite be described, and should not be missed.

Petty put on the best show I have ever seen. Sad and stunning that he is gone.

Good on you. Yes the 416 could be problematic. We are just getting ahold of a 100 acre fire in Summit County CO That’s near Silverthorne. It was a very close call. 1300 homes evacuated. (I work for Summit County GIS).

Check out for fire info. It’s a great site for info on fires.

We always thought a road trip was its own goal, and we’d try to invent a pretext (post-text?). Every summer we’d drive around stopping at roadside stands and buy sweet corn twice a day and cook it immediately on a campstove. Sleep in the car every night. We once bought an old beater Camry and for a test run, drove around North Dakota for six days.

… to add. My Wife is doing the

It’s starts on the 23 of June. Gonna be a lot of smoke everywhere I suspect. I’m not going to be able to support her, and she has friends from low elevation going. My Wife has done 5 full IronMans, and I know that when anything makes her wonder, I worry (well I worry anyway, it’s my job)

We had a full IronMan stopped right before getting in the water at Lake Tahoe because of smoke, 1 minute before the start. I mean they had wet suits on and feet in the water. That was craziness, they should have stopped the race way, way before. We saw embers coming down. Tough is one thing. Insanity is another. Ever try to talk down someone that has prepped for 6 months for a race? Imagine being surrounded by a thousand of them.

It was sort of nutso. Imagine trying to find 1 out a 1000 people in dawn light when everyone is wearing a wetsuit.

It’s like trying to pick out a unique penguin in the dark. I know my Wife, but…um.

My Wife and I where lucky, as she found me (I’m tall and wear a big straw cowboy hat so she can find ME (that’s my Sherpa outfit for a reason), I would have never been able to find her.

Sound fun.

I did one of those with my high school friends right after high-school graduation. 1979.

But a little different.

Two 4x4 trucks, and a Toyota FJ40. Tents, sleeping bags and jeep trails in Colorado. Two weeks. All of us familiar with off roading, jeeping or whatever they call it now. We knew our way about and wanted to go further and longer. We traveled about 1000 miles on gravel ‘roads’ and jeep trails.

I think we saw one stop light on the entire trip. This was WAY before you needed a permit to camp. You just did it right.

Are ya gonna visit Summit County Ohio on your way through? Then you can have visited them all!

That’s where I live. And Lebron James, too! Sometimes.

Possibly. It’s kinda Funny, at Summit County Government COLORADO, we sometimes get questions for Summit County Ohio, and Summit County Utah. I’ve been in them all. Park City in Summit County Utah, is VERY much like Breckenridge Colorado (also in Summit County). Almost like they are copying each other.

We do have an Akron Colorado. But not in Summit county. It’s no wonder people get a little confused, but, umm. Wrong state. Only missed by a 1200 miles or so :smiley:

When my wife’s mother died six years ago, we flew up to Pitts from Houston to collect some belongings and help clear out the old homestead. The drive back (Penske truck with auto transport) was smooth sailing; the hard part was getting into Houston proper–traffic and not being able to use the toll roads, mostly. I am more and more amazed what you can arrange, travel-wise, in this country.

Plus, the Jim Beam distillery was a fun side trip.

Gato, she’s a keeper, man, she’s a keeper. :slight_smile:

Nope. That’s one of the drawbacks of living in Chicago, it takes a long time to drive to any city of interest and most of the Midwest is flat and dull.

I LOVE road trips and have taken many long ones. We’re going to a family reunion next week and I chose to fly into Vegas and then drive to Southern Utah so I could get some road time. If it were just me I’d drive all the way from NJ, but SharkWife isn’t a fan of epic driving trips.

Have fun, you’ve a great itinerary!

Have a great trip!

I love, love, love hitting the open road with no particular place to go. I just finished up a 4-week, 4000-mile ramble, starting off in Yosemite and then up into central and eastern Oregon, then on to the Olympic Peninsula and then down the coast back home. Saw lots of natural beauty, went to a bunch of tourist traps, and just generally had a fantastic time. I’m ready to head back out already!

Only 'cause it’ll cost too much to get rid of her.

I love driving through the Virgin River Gorge – that short section that is in Arizona between LV and Utah. Although I love it more if I am a passenger so I can look at the cliffs rather than concentrate on driving.

We are leaving tomorrow for a road trip from Norcal up to the Seattle/Vancouver area. I have the first week planned - Crater Lake (never been!), 4 nights in Olympic National Forest and then 3 nights in Seattle. First real roadtrip with the kids so we’ll see how it goes - one of the kiddos gets carsick and the other one isn’t great about being in a car. We left it this long since the consensus was that either leave the kids somewhere and take off or that I’d leave the lot of them somewhere and take off!:stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve spent 2 days at Olympic before and loved it. We had a day at Seattle before and saw Pike’s Place so I’m looking forward to exploring.

The second week is slightly up in the air. We are definitely going whale watching and visiting Vancouver. Not sure if we’ll do a day trip to the San Juan Islands or spend a few days there. If we don’t spend the night there, we are looking at visiting North Cascades Park and/or Whistler. I’m terrible at road trips because I keep saying items that I need to add onto it!

On the way back, we’ll stop at the Columbia River Gorge and see the waterfalls. Can’t wait to leave and the lack of planning is very atypical for me. So burned out from a toxic job situation!

Yup, air travel is a hassle. Just having to meet the airlines schedule is a bother. And when touring by car, packing is a breeze; if there’s any doubt whether to bring an item, you just throw it in the trunk. Tired of sitting? Stop the car, walk around, check out the view. And listening to a book together is a fun way to make the miles go by, especially if the book causes us to repeatedly hit the Pause button, to discuss what the author just said. Wife and I just finished a road trip from Phx to Zion National Park. Lots of great hiking, good food, and listening to Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment.
Next week, I start my annual motorcycle road trip with my cousin. 3000 miles of the twistiest roads of Northern California.

Weird. We live in the Chicago burbs and have taken many many road trips. NY, DC, South Carolina, Atlanta, Florida, Toronto, northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan …