What are your vacation plans?

We were supposed to head out on May 22 and return on June 2. I had hotel reservations. I arranged for the doggies to be boarded. I asked my neighbor to bring in the mail. I was psyched. I was ready. I was disappointed.

My kid can’t get the time off. She and her friend (who was going to go with us) both work at the roller rink and it turns out the rink is holding an all-night skate in honor of the end of school. (Last day here is May 22) They only have so many employees and they can’t afford to have two off the same time. So we had to postpone.

I don’t know what we’re going to do or when we’re going to do it. But I’m bummed. So cheer me up - tell me what you’re going to be doing. At least I can live vicariously thru you until I can get my spouse and kid to commit to other plans. Meanwhile, I’m going to contact the hotel and the kennel and my parents and the neighbor… <deep sad sigh>

SO and I leave for St. Martin on Saturday, June 8 and return the following Saturday. My birthday is on the 9th and I plan to be layiing naked in a hammock with a refreshing drink in my hand, listening to the water lap at the shore, and singing “Happy Birthday to me!”

At the end of the month I’ll be in Nags Head for 5 days (not naked, but still laying in a chair with a refreshing drink).

In August, I’m off to the mountains of West VA (Avalon) for five days of cooler weather (refreshing drink in hand).

Several other long weekends thrown in between June 1 and September 1 for good measure.

I LOVE Summer.

Since I’ll have passed my final exams (one of them Latin, incidentally) by then, I get my just reward myself and go to a one-week trip to Rome next week. That will be fun.

I leave for Calgary Alberta on May 17 and return on the 25th.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week, next week. Anybody else gonna be there? I’ll be the drunk biker lookin’ guy with tattoos, making a total ass out of himself every chance I get. If you see me, tell me I’m a jerk. I really like that. :smiley:

We have a big group we usually travel with, making one special trip each year. Several years ago we went to Greece and then to Turkey, last year was to have been Italy and then Egypt this year.

Due to our pregnancy and childbirth, we missed last year and I’ll be dammed if we’d be comfortable heading to the Middle East now.

Our master plan’s gone kaput so I think we’ll just head to Colorado where my in-laws live and hang out somewhere quiet and pretty. It’s going to be the southeast part of the state in late May, LaJunta, and the Spanish Peaks in August.

We do get to go to Chicago in July for a wedding, my first visit there, and I’m pretty stoked about it.

I am going to Ontario next week. I get to visit the thriving metropolis of Newmarket, with a side trip to Hamilton and the possibility of seeing a baseball game in Toronto.

Should be fun.

We’ve already had one of our vacations. We went to Disney World in April for four days, then took the Disney cruise to the Bahamas.

My mom is retiring in July and we are going to Chicago to throw her a surprise party. My son and I will stay a few extra days afterward to see my hometown friends.

In September we are going to Marco Island in Florida for my husband’s annual company meeting. My newly retired mom will come to Denver to take care of our 5 year old son. My sweet husband has to attend meetings while I lie on the beach and drink Mai Tais.

So far, that’s all we’ve got planned.

October 9 I leave for a 15 day safari thru Botswana. First two days in South Africa actually, seeing Victoria Falls, then, on to tented camps, lions, giraffes, wildebeasts, rhinos and other assorted flora and fauna. Pretty soon I start counting the days!!! I am sooooo excited!

I hope that you feel my joy and don’t feel any more bummed out.

Jasper Alberta, Kelowna and Penticton BC for 1 week. (Starting June 14th)

Followed by horseback trailriding in the foothills/mountains at my wifes’ Uncle’s Ranch in Southern Alberta. Its an absolutely stunning area that borders Waterton National Park. I haven’t ridden a horse in years. We should start a SDMB betting pool. The winner guesses which bones get broken when bernse gets thrown off the horse.

I’m going to London for a week, a week from Saturday.

In the end of June we’re taking the kids to Luray Caverns and Mount Vernon in Virginia.

In the middle of July we’re going camping in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, for a week, with stops overnight in Kingston and Gananogue on the way up and back.

Around the first of August we are going to Bethany Beach, DE for a week.

I love summer.

va…va…vaca…vacashun pl-l-l-lans?
What is this vacation?
What is this crazy moonman language which you speak?

As chief vacation organizer, I can relate,** FairyChatMom**.
Hang in there.

Two and a half weeks in Hawaii in July.

A week in Paris in late September.
Both trips sans enfants!

Well, I’m certainly happy for all of you who have wonderful plans. And I’m envious. And pouting a little…

I’ve cancelled my reservations and I’m weighing the merits of spending a week painting my kitchen, living room, and bath. How pathetic is that?? Anyone wanna come to a PaintDopeFest?? Anyone? Please? I’ll be your friend!!!

[sub]no, I’m not crying… it’s allergies…[/sub]

What vacation?

I haven’t had a vacation in three years… :frowning:

(Not unless you count being laid off and looking for work a vacation. :frowning: )

Sorry to hear your plans have been trashed. Since you are the vacation planner, your mission should you choose to accept it is to force a commitment from the others and party on woman!!!

I will be going to San Francisco and Maui from 8/30 to 9/8. I fortunately have a sister who loves me dearly and happens to have a time share in Hawaii.WOO-HOO!

Now, my husband isn’t sure he wants to use his vacation days - what with a possible job offer out there. I don’t entirely get the connection, myself. I’m starting to think I’ll just plan my own one-person Rolling DopeFest Road Trip. That’ll show him!!

well, I can dream, anyway…

We will be riding our bicycles across the state of Iowa with 10,000 of our closest friends. It is an annual ride and a tradition in our household…earning a living be damned! We’re going on RAGBRAI! (Register’s Great Annual Bicycle Ride Across Iowa)

Jane, I’m so jealous! I wanted to book a trek in Namibia but they wanted WAAAAY too much money!

wavydavy, ever since I saw the movie Indian Summer I have wantd to visit Algonquin Provincial park! It looks beautiful!

We are going on a 10-day Mediterranean cruise in the fall. It’s a combination Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/my birthday/his birthday/anniversary present to ourselves! Both our boys are staying home with Nana!

It’s funny, my parents will be in Italy at the same time we are, and I was bitching because we coulnd’t go with them! But my husband just woke up with a wild hair the other day and booked this cruise!