Any Canadian Dopers in the urban, southern Ontario terrorist targeted kill zones?

Per the news story any dopers work in Southern Ontario metro areas set for bombing?

For what ever reason they are holding off on giving a list of target(s) that these folks planned on hitting. The media link that you gave , listed one tourist attraction, which litterally could be anything in the metro toronto area. While the amount of explosive amassed is greater than the murragh building , it sounds like they had a list of targets that would distribute that amount ,rather than one specific target.

So far if the media is telling the truth, the TTC not being targeted sounds like it was meant to be the primary delivery method, hop on your local bus , go to kennedy station , get off at bloor/spadina, hop on the street car and have a blast at the CNE.


Unless you count “Toronto” as the target, it’s hard to say.

Supposedly, the CSIS building was going to be a target.

The CN tower is the most obvious target when you look at past attempts. (The Eiffel tower, WTC, The Space Needle). There’s an obvious inferiourity complex in there somewhere.

This is all petty stuff. The real danger is government monitoring of international phone calls.

I am fairly sure thats how we nailed em.


Yup. That’s what it said in the Toronto Star article, anyway.

I’m in Toronto. I’m pretty sure no one would blow up the area I’m in unless they have a pathological hatred of coffee shops and golden labs. And soccer moms.

You live just down the street from me, don’t you.

I work right in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, so if they blowed it up during business hours, I conceivably could have been among the dearly departed.

Way to go CSIS!

Maybe they hate ketchup, and were going to obliterate Leamington.

Probably. Do you also have problems with roving bands of thirteen-year-old welathy skater punks?


Nope. The Beach. There are lots of whiny little ‘tough’ skater boys all over the place. We also regularly have groups of up to a hundred and fifty teenagers hanging around together in from of the Tim’s and convenience stores until three in the morning. So now the daytime is crowded with yoga-gear ergonomic-stroller coffee-clutching dogs owners, and the night with gangs of 15 year olds.

Besides that it’s a nice area to live.

I don’t think so. Syed Ahmed and that other guy from Georgia walked into an ongoing surveillance operation when they travelled north.

My best guess is that CSIS has several arabic speakers who managed to inflitrate this group while they were voicing their hatred of Western values after attending Friday prayers.

Well, I suppose I could have been (or perhaps will be) one of the victims. I currently work across from the building where the CSIS offices are, have daily meetings in that building and will likely be moving my office to that building in the coming weeks. We know that CSIS is there despite there not being any signs for them, but it is shocking to get off the elevator and find a half dozen agents in full body armour standing there (couple weeks ago).

Time to sign up for life insurance…well, I have to anyway since I am approaching 40 and need to get in while it is less expensive. I really shouldn’t leave my wife and 5 year old twins penniless. What are the odds of having act of terrorism included?

The Star mentioned that CSIS picked up on these guys after they started posting in some hard-core fundamentalist Muslim websites.

I’ve been reading some of the news coverage, and two things stand out:

  1. The Canadian police and media are going out of their way to downplay the Islamic angle to this incident. What I keep reading is, the suspects represent a wide spectrum of Canadian society… so, there are lots of Francophones among the terrorists? Lotsa Catholics? Lotsa Cree Indians? Anybody who WASN’T a Muslim?

  2. The Canadian authorities seem far less troubled by the FACT that radical Muslims wanted to blow people up than by the POSSIBILITY that there might be some backlash against innocent Muslims.

The original reports had it pretty truthful with regards to the perps, its not really surprising that once the dust has settled and the multicultural battalion has swung into full gear, that the Al Q/Islamic/Muslim angle would be downplayed. Its nothing new

A lot of money goes to muliculturism and a number of both policticians and organizations that are anti american, would have egg on their faces for having suggested that there are no terrorist cells operating in Canada.

I’m not really too sure how much backlash there would have been depending on what might have actually happened, would have at minimum, a more detailed look at what our immigration policys have done and may have swung our public perceptions to a more American frame of mind and placed the federal liberals in an interesting position.

For our muslim population, they need to be percieved as the victims, and not the bogey man, for them to have any influence.

Yeah , I am not surprised


And now they’re overplaying the ‘backlash’ thing. Yesterday on the news it was all about a potential ‘backlash’ - the only evidence of which was that some yahoo threw a rock at a window of some muslim center. That didn’t stop the media from breathlessly interviewing about a dozen people about the ‘potential backlash’ and showing the cracked window over and over again in a major segment on the news.

Is that so? What an amazing claim.

This claim seems ridiculous given the events of the last week. You’re talking about the same “Authorities” that spent millions and millions and millions of dollars and dedicated the full time efforts of dozens of federal agents, city police, and military personnel to the surveillance, containment, and arrest of these guys, and you say they aren’t troubled by the threat they pose? Gosh. If the threat they posed didn’t trouble them, would you mind explaining why they went to all that trouble?

And tell me; how many millions of dollars and scores of trained personnel are involved in the sting operation to catch people who throw rocks at mosque windows? What’s that? None? So why do you say the authorities are more “troubled” by that?

Get over your obsession with perceiving PC in the media, folks. It’s not an important part of this story.