Any Chi-town North siders wanna hook me up with some pizza?

Not just any pizza - Carmen’s stuffed pizza. The pizza I used to drive 6 hours from Wisconsin to get. The pizza I used to live on when I worked there. The pizza my completely incompetent and dysfunctional in-laws are incapable of getting for us.

So, now I’m desperate. Carmen’s Pizza used to half-bake, freeze and ship pizza anywhere in Conus. They don’t do the shipping thing anymore. I’m just going to assume they still do the half-bake and freeze, though.

So, I need help. Doper help. I need to know, if anyone from the Evanston, or Rogers Park areas would be willing to pick up a pizza order, and take it to the nearest Fed-Ex (or whoever) and ship it to Maine. I’m talking only 2 pizzas, maybe 3. There is a Carmen’s on Church street in Evanston, and I believe there is still one on Sheridan road near Loyola in Rogers Park.

For those uninitiated reading this, thinking I’m nuts - you’re right. I am nuts. And yes, the pizza is just that good.

Obviously, I will pay everything, and compensate anyone willing to do this for me. If it’s cash you want - name your price. Maybe you want something only available in Maine sent your way? We got lobsters here… LL Bean… lots of syrup… did I mention lobster?

Anyway, think it over. My birthday is coming up, as is the Super Bowl, and man - I really miss that pizza.

PS - I know that Lou Malnati’s ships pizzas. We occasionally get it this way (along with Carson’s ribs, Eli’s cheescake and Chicago dogs… but it’s just not the same)

mmmm Carmen’s Pizza. The pesto pizza is divine.

Went to grad school there and remember it well. Sorry I can’t help you; I’m in NY now.

What was the name of the rib joint - Hokey’s or something like that? Good ribs, too.

Best of luck.

Hecky’s! “It’s the sauce”.

Holy cow, that place was awesome. The only ribs I enjoyed more, was from Leona’s. But Hecky’s had that “straight from the South side” feel to it, and the food was mouth watering!

Check out their web site to see what you want and I’ll see if I can’t hook you up.

You are the coolest person on the planet. But before you commit, I left out a pretty important detail in my OP that I just remembered: the pizzas will probably have to be packed in dry-ice. I guess you can get that stuff at ice-cream shops, right? I don’t know. So if you’re still interested, let me know and name your price. If not - that’s cool too.

My e-mail addy is in the profile if you need it for details.