Any College Football Historians...

It seems that many of the northern teams wear uniforms that are yellow/navy or gold/navy like WVU, Pitt, Mich, Notre Dame, and several Military schools. Also many of the southern schools wear the crimson/white uniforms like Alabama, Ark, Oklahoma, SC, etc… Why is this, or rather how did this develop?

I don’t know if there’s any discernible trend for red/white, is there? Wisconsin is red and white; so is Stanford, and Temple.

It does seem that there aren’t any blue/navy-and-gold teams in the south. Maybe that has something to do with the colors associated with the northerners during the Civil War?

U of Michigan doesn’t wear gold or yellow. They have blue contrasted with some kind of baby shit color. They call it “maize” but that’s just corn that’s been processed through the human digestive system. Truly horrid.

Notre Dame used to have dignified uniforms of blue and gold but for some reason seemed to have glommed onto the color green. WTF? Then they put the stupid green shamrock on the classic all-gold helmet. It would be like if Alabama came out wearing orange uniforms because Tide laundry detergent boxes are orange.

There may be better lists of college colors than but establishing any regional trends ought to be easier from such a set of actual data.

I can’t remember where I saw it said, but I seem to recall that red (and its variants) and white are the most common/popular combination.

Notre Dame’s history of green uniforms dates back to the 1930s. Frank Leahy’ s teams in the 1940s wore them frequently. The shamrock on the helmet was worn during the 1950s and early 1960s.

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