Gold Football Helmets

Just watching the game (Go Navy!) and the thought occurred, why do so many college football teams have solid gold helmets?
Army, Navy, ND, Boston College and others?
WAGs welcome, truth sought.

There are only so many colors…

I don’t think Gold is represented any more of less than other coolors at any level of football.

In fact, my guess is white is most common.

Yer pal,

Farmee, Bri –

But most have some type of adornment. Penn State has solid white, but most colleges have at initials or symbols (the better to market the team and sell merchandise to alumni, I guess).
But gold helmets are surprisingly undecorated – more so than any other color.

They’re not solid gold; that would be very expensive and weigh too much to wear comfortably. They’re just painted that color.

Actually, Lumpy, Notre Dame mixes gold into their paint and repaints them every week.

Now that I think about it I can’t think of any other schools other than the four you mentioned (there are 108 total at the IA level). And only ND and Navy are unadulterated (Army and BC both have colored stripes down the middle). WAG: Both schools have churches on campus with golden domes. Next question: Who was the first school to have colored/painted helmets?

I dunno. I have yet to see a pink helmet. But I know what you mean.

Personally, I’d take gold over ORANGE anyday.

[font = 1] Go Bengals. Woo. Hoo.

I hate these stupid UBB/HTML codes! (Lisa, banging her head on the wall)

Well the Syracuse Orangemen didn’t do that well this year but they’re still going to a bowl game. What are they calling the toilet bowl this year ? Oh yeah, Music City Bowl.

I don’t if they were first, but Michigan coach, Fielding “Hurry Up” Yost, painted that weird design on his team’s helmets so it would be easier for his passers to pick out receivers down the field.