Any consensus on healthiest food?

Is there any agreement (or even a general consensus) on what the healthiest food is?

My guess is that this item would be high in protein, low in fat, an optimal amount of carbs, vitamins, etc…

My guess is human babies. Everything the body needs in one small package!

Seriously tho, I don’t think that a food can really be defined as the “healthiest”. A normally healthy food can be eaten in such a manner by a certain type of person so as to be less healthy than some other things not generally considered good. In other words, the health is in the usage as well as the actual food.

Only live food can properly be called “healthy”, and, aside from certain bacteria, the food won’t feel very “healthy” once it has been eaten.

Living things can be healthy or unhealthy.

Food can be nutritious… if you’re careful… or lucky.

As soon as you picked that broccoli or caught that fish, its health started to decline.

Dead flesh or plant matter is, by definition, no longer healthy.

I would guess that the answer would be: No, there is no consensus on the healthiest food. I’d bet if you were to re-post this thread over on IMHO as “What do you think is the healthiest food?” you would get a wide range of opinions!

Balderdash! The healthiest food is junk food - look how long it lasts!!! And I have some very healthy old Chinese food in the fridge - it’s about to crawl out and attack someone.
(I know many junk food candies and baked goods have a surprisingly short shelf life. I plead the Twinky defense.)

A balanced diet of a range of different food types is recommended. The food pyramid shown here is a pictorial representation of the proportion of different types of foods recommended to eat in a healthy diet.

So you cant say it is just one food that is the healthiest. If you are looking for a food that contains all these food types in the correct proportion, I guess the closest would be a sandwich with a glass of milk; apart from human babies of course.