Any "conservative" European dopers? Questions about American relations...

In the last two years there has been a lot of chatter on American news media about the decline of relationships between the United States and Europe, and the lack of trust and esteem that Europeans now have for the United States.

Often this is blamed on the idea that Europe is dominated by socialists who distrust the capitalism, globalization, and military power that the USA represents to them. However, many European countries now have right of center governments, and when there are figures indicating 70 to 80% of French, German, Spanish, or Italian citizens have deep concerns over the direction of the United States - that indicates that these concerns cross left-right ideological lines.

I target these questions for “conservative” Europeans on the board who follow American politics to some degree. I realize what passes for conservative in one country may be left of center in another. I’ll define it as a supporter of a party considered to be the “right” in their respective country.
Do you feel that your party’s “conservative” platform has a relationship to the ideology of the American Republican or American conservative movement party as you understand it?

George W. Bush rates very poorly in European public opinion. Do you have a negative opinion of President Bush, or do you feel he is unjustly maligned in your country? Do you find that conservatives in your country who may share Bush’s political views are perhaps uneasy with his personality or public image? Or do you support or admire him in spite of his apparent unpopularity in Europe.

For disclosure, I am a Democrat from Texas :slight_smile: So I am sure some of my questions - or my whole poll here - may be biased or slanted. If anyone wants to add a question, alter one of mine, or answer only one , I’d be happy with it.

ok first my credentials

I consider myself centre right (having mellowed in my old age)

I have spent the last 20 years voting for the conservative party (right wing for those not in the UK)

I would have voted labour (left wing) when John Smith was their leader (unfortunatley he died before I got the opportunity)

I cannot even begin to describe the contempt I have for GWB and our own Tony Blair. (However I try not to let the actions of the USA effect my opinions of Americans individually).

There have been a few times when I have been ashamed of being British, once when the Conservative Government appeared willing to let the directors of Matrix Churchill to go to jail rather than be embaressed over supplying arms to Iraq (google matrix churchill affair) but the lies and deceit about this war (from both US & UK) have sickened me.

I sincerely hope that both GWB & TB are kicked out at the earliest possible time, unfortunatley I think that they have destroyed any trust that was left in their respective posts and that trust will take decades to restore (if it ever can be)


I’m center left myself, but my parents (Irish, in their late 70’s) are both right wing conservatives. I’m trying to give you the info as they see it .

They don’t hate Bush, but they do fear him and think that he will start world war three. They’re aware that there was no reason to declare war on Iraq and think that it was because of oil and having to be seen to do something about 11th September. They dont’ think that there is a link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. (they know that Hussein was an evil tyrant, but don’t think that there was a reason to go to war with him i.e. they didn’t believe that he had WMD)

They would have a few friends that think that Bush is the best thing since sliced bread but they just dismiss those beliefs as idiotic.

They are embarassed at our Taoiseach’s (Prime Minister) sucking up to Bush and weren’t at all happy about allowing American war planes to land at Shannon Airport. They were very annoyed when some soldiers were seen carrying guns in the Airport and especially when some soldiers went to a neighbouring town, in uniform.

They don’t think that the Fianna Fail (ruling party) pro American stance is anything more than the Taoiseach trying to play the “big man” on the world stage.

They won’t have anything to do with Bush’s visit in the summer. But they think it should be stopped because of the cost Ireland will incur to protect him.

For the record, they liked Clinton (but not his “social” activities) and they didn’t like Bush senior or Reagan.