Any Crack The Sky fans out there?

Never heard of 'em, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Their first album was hailed by Rolling Stone as the best debut of 1975. They had a “prog rock” sound with a ballsy dual lead guitar attack, combined with witty lyrics and a live set that stood up Styx and Kansas. Some people thought they would be the next big thing…

–from the article Pie In The Sky

Nowadays, they get back together in one form or another a couple times of year to put on a kick-ass live show. There have been threads about “bands you wish you could see live”…Crack The Sky would definitely be on my list.

Here’s a 2008 performance of “Lighten Up McGraw”

Oh Dad, It’s almost cruel
I got another letter
from Ronnie’s teacher at school…

Love “Ice” and “Virgin…No.”

Bet you guys were into City Boy too, weren’t you?

“Hot Razors in My Heart”

You know ‘he’s a big, big man’ by the way she walks.

No, but I guess I should check them out. Is The Day The Earth Caught Fire a good place to start?

I kind of “rediscovered” Crack The Sky and it’s cool to hear those first three albums again with fresh ears. Despite the departure of John P. in the middle of making Safety In Numbers, I think it’s my favorite. I think Nuclear Apathywould slip nicely into a King Crimson album and A Night on the Town (w/Snow White) always makes me smile with that great catchy doo-wop chorus.

Actually, for some unknown reason I’ve never listened to it. I have the entire album on my hard drive; I think I’ll have at it during lunch. Supposedly you’d like it if you liked Book Early (if you give any credence to reviewers). I’d start with Book Early—it’s the closest they ever came to commercial success. Here’s a sample:


I was introduced with From The Greenhouse, which is odd, because I’m from Pittsburgh and should have heard about them earlier, but I guess B.E. Taylor had his own band as I came of age.

Hey, whitey, here come the spades… I don’t know if you could do THAT these days :smiley:

Maybe John can blame those lyrics on his diet…for a while he ate mostly twinkies and salad. He ended up getting sick and was hospitalized before finally quitting the band.

I grew up in Baltimore in the 70s and 80s, so yes, big Crack The Sky fan here. Ice is one of my favorite songs of all time.

I live in L.A. now, but just happen to be on vacation with my family at the moment on the east coast, next to Surf City, NC. I can’t get that song out of my head.

I saw the once when I lived in Maryland in the late 80’s. Pretty good. I had no idea they were still around.

Reading around it looks like they had some new material and were going to do some shows starting on Labor Day, but John Palumbo needed some coronary stents put in so that’s off 'til further notice.