Any current books about Iraq written from a neutral viewpoint?

In recent years, I have read a number of books about Iraq since the invasion that have a relatively neutral viewpoint, including Cobra II, Blind into Baghdad, and War Journal, My Five Years in Iraq, but I haven’t seen anything that peaked my interest regarding the surge or post-surge Iraq. Since I want to keep this a question and not a debate, let’s agree not to refight the 2008 election.


Have you read Woodward’s “The War Within?” It covers the decision making process on the surge very well.

No, but I think I will add that one to my list. Is there anything that analyzes the results of the surge?

Not so much in the analysis of whether the surge was a success or not, but some of the book is about what the troops were actually doing. By far the majority of the book is predicated around the decisions leading up to the surge.

I’ve heard some good things about “The Good Soldiers,” but haven’t read it yet. Review.