Any Disney-bound Doper willing to do me a favor?

With the holiday weekend approaching, I was wondering if any Doper who was planning on visiting DisneyLand or DisneyWorld in the next couple weeks can do me a BIG favor. I’m looking for as many postcards as I can find with a handful of specific characters (Pluto, Alice & co., Ariel, Snow W & the dwarves).

If anyone’s in the neighborhood and is willing to hunt a batch down for me, please contact me via e-mail for the specifics re: quantity, payment, and timelines.


(oh, and enjoy the Magic Kingdom :slight_smile: )

I shall be heading out to Disneyland Friday and I can certainly pick you up some post cards. The email is in the profile (along with MSN and AIM)- feel free to get ahold of me.

Email is sent to you, archiveguy. Post or send details, and it will be worked out for you.

Thanks for the offer, DB, but phouka’s situation will make for a logistically easier arrangement for all concerned. Phouka, thanks, and I’ll e-mail you later today with the details.


Oh, and for the curious, my request is related to this.

It appears that our arrangements may have feel through, so a last-ditch, Hail Mary bump.

Any Dopers Disney-bound this weekend who’d be willing to hunt down the aforementioned postcards? I’ll provide payment ASAP if anyone’s so inclined to help…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey, Archive Guy, I emailed you and hadn’t heard back. Send me your snailmail address, and I’ll have my mom send the stuff to you.

If that falls through, I going to my wife’s family reunion in 2 weeks, and a Disney trip is in the plans.

Florida in high summer. yee-fucking-haw.

Thanks NC, I’ll keep you posted.

phouka, I just sent you an e-mail (your mom wrote me so we continued the conversation ourselves; sorry to keep you “out of the loop”)

I just got an annual pass to Disneyland and will be going relatively frequently, so I can be a backup as long as it’s not anything super time-critical. (I can’t see myself going within the next couple of weeks, but within the month, most likely).

And the link above didn’t work for me. Is it the new Disney stamps? Apparently, the last time I went was the first day of issue for the new stamps, and the park was crazy packed with people standing in huge lines to get them cancelled at Disneyland. It seemed like every other person was walking around with huge USPS bags under each arm.

New Link

I made the mistake of going to the actual event site to get some FDC postmarks, and never made that mistake again. Since the USPS gives you a month (so it is a little time-sensitive), there’s rarely any point in getting them first day–I’d rather get them clean and unsmudged if it means waiting an extra week or two.

Dude, come out our way. We’ll grill pork and make you feel at home! Hey, the Gulf’s been cooled down to a chilly 84 F by the last hurricane. And if Emily gets up here you could even surf.