Any Doper Football Fans Want In?

Heya folks – just wanted make any Doper fans of (American) football aware of a new and interesting type of pool some friends and I are putting together.

If you already play in a standard pool, this can add onto it nicely.
If you don’t want to put the time into fantasy football, this can serve as a nice stepping stone.
Hell, even if you know nothing about football, you might just luck out.

We’re still looking for about another two dozen people, so take a peek. Others are spreading the word as well, as we’re looking to fill this up quickly. Thanks!

Count me in :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, kitten…I already had your name on the list. :slight_smile:

I already knew that :rolleyes:

That would be the reason for :stuck_out_tongue: after my reply!


Giving this a bump, as we’re coming down to it now. Preseason begins in two weeks, so if anyone wants in, now would be the time. I’d love to get a few Dopers involved.

Hmmm…it took a month, but I just noticed I left the word “to” out of the first sentence of the OP. Ah well.

Count me in. Email’s in the profile, etc, etc.

Very good…welcome aboard!

I was thinking of just ripping up $32 and flushing it down the toilet, but what the hell, I’ll join your pool.

Since we have four or five fantasy football threads floating around, I’m giving this one last bump in case anyone else wants to try something a little different.

Six slots left for one helluva fun pool. Let me know if anyone else wants in.