Fantasy Football League. 10 open.

First come, first serve.

That should give all the info. If not. I’ll be back with the details.

Shit, hang on a sec. Never done a league on a message board. :rolleyes:

League name: SDMB2

password: winners

Draft is Saturday (8/21) at 5 pm CST. This can be changed if it’s a major pain in the ass.

Only 9 open. Any interest?

Rather than create another league (I think there’s 3 already) why not join one of the existing SDMB leagues? There’s still room for 4 more people.

I thought all the leagues were full. Oops.

However, the link you gave says I can’t access the page because I’m not a member. :eek:

Sorry about that. Here’s an older thread discussing the league. ID 21235, password: cecil

We’re at 8 now, so 2 or 4 more people would be great. As a reminder, the draft is this Sunday, 8/22 at 7:45pm EST.

OK, signed up and ready to go. Thanks for the info.
I’m probably going to delete the league I started, making this thread pointless. If any mods stroll in here, please just delete this whole thing. Thanks