Last-minute SDMB Fantasy Football Thread!

Helllo, hello. The time is almost here! There are a bunch of SDMB Fantasy Football leagues out there, as the threads over the past couple of months can attest. We’re into the home stretch now, and at least a couple of them need some more people. Anyone with a free Yahoo! account and any sort of free time who knows the difference between a touchdown and a home run is welcome to play :slight_smile:

This one, with Jimmy Chitwood as acting commish, is currently sitting at eight teams - the league max is 12, and it’d be awesome to have that. It’s pretty standard as far as scoring goes, and the draft is set for THIS SUNDAY, Aug 22, at 7:45pm EDT. Consider this also a reminder to those participating in the league to show up.

To join this league, go to Yahoo! Sports, and join a free private custom league. The info is:

League ID#: 21235
Password: cecil

The second SDMB league that I’m in right now is a bit different. It’s got a pretty unique scoring system designed to end up with more realistic scores that you might see in an actual game. This one needs some more people for sure - we’ve only got four at the moment. The draft here is still a couple weeks away, though - it’s currently set for Monday, Sep 6, at 11:30pm EDT. No idea if the commish was planning to shift the time at all. If you like Fantasy Football, and there’s any chance you’ll be sober at that time on Labor Day, head over to Yahoo! and join up with this info:

League ID#: 80652
Password: please

Finally, last year, in addition to the actual fantasy leagues, I know I participated in a couple other football-related SDMB Yahoo! leagues - specifically, Survival (of which I was the champion, roar!), and a weekly pick-off league (of which I was, um, less than the champion). I’d love to get these going again this year - if we’ve got interest, I’ll gladly set up one or both. If anyone else wants to take the initiative, feel free, as well. These involve almost no time per week - with survival you just pick one team you’re absolutely sure will win each week, and with the pick’em league, you just go through and pick each game against the spread. If you know that they play NFL games on Sundays and can click little dots in a web browser, we want YOU!

Any and all SDMB-related Fantasy Football discussion is welcome on this thread. Good luck to everyone in your Fantasy Leagues, and may your favorite real-life teams make it as far as possible before they fall to the inevitable power that is the New England Patriots :smiley:


I’m checking in for a couple of reasons:

To the SDMB “He Hate Me” keeper league members- I’m still waiting for your rule suggestions. I will have all the rules in place by the time of our draft, and I’m waiting to hear from some of you with your input.

To those of you who wanted in but couldn’t get in because of the 14 team limit, there are these two fine leagues. I signed up with the second one, and I’m using my “classic” team name, T. Rex.

I’m looking for 3 players for my personal league (my family and local friends.) I’ll take the first three who sign up: league ID 17142, PW donna.

It looks like it’s going to be a good season for all. except maybe Ricky Williams and possibly Jamal Lewis. Does anyone think Ray Lewis is doomed with the Madden curse now?

Oh, yeah- the Patriots are goin’ down. No dynasty for you!