Anyone up for some fantasy football?

We started another league attached to another board we’re on. We’re short 3 people. Anyone up for it?

Draft date is 8/4/07, it’s an automated draft.

First three people to e-mail me at gets the spots.

Did I win the race?

You’re in LOUNE.

Sending details now.


We still need 2 players.

This is a shameless bump. We still need just 2 players. pleeeeeesssssse

I have sent an email. Do I come in 2nd?

Email sent, Q.


1 slot left. Anyone? Buehler?

I may be able to get a buddy of mine involved. He’s swearing of fthe game because he can’t find a league in which people are conversing or make deals.

I can then drag him into the Dope, at least for football season and snare us another guest/member.