Fantasy Football

Hi everybody. Yup, never too early to jump on the football bandwagon. I am in a league in desparate need of people over at The league is named BAFL2001. This is going to be pretty low key and there is actually no money involved, which is odd for me. Join if you want to.

I’m totally in, I imagine I’ll probably end up waiting to actually sign-up since I might reconsider if I’m going to turn out to have 12 different leagues going. And if you get into a $$$ league and need people to fill in, I’ll play for sure.

And since I’m in the mood to entirely hijack this thread, what say we start discussing the annual SDMB Fantasy Football league. I’ll set it up, if no one else feels like it. I’m pretty busy, so if one of you are bored and ambitious it would probably be better, but I’ll be happy to do it if no one else wants to.

We’ve got Sandbox and Yahoo as the top canidates I imagine. I have really liked Yahoo in the past, and haven’t actually use Sandbox for football yet. My big thing is that whichever we choose I want it to have a live draft. And after last years 20 team league it’ll probably be the most fun if we cap the leagues at 16 teams. Shall we allow the debate to begin? IIRC the last organizational thread was 3 pages long, so its never too early.

Yeah – I’m ready. I played in the sandbox and Yahoo “pick 'em” leagues last year. (Modesty forbids me making further comment :D) My preference is for a league dedicated to dopers – better the strangers you know, etc. Besides, it makes teh bragging rights sweeter.

My only issue with live drafts is coordination of schedules across time zones. If the league gets above 10-12 teams it can be a problem. Sanbox’s computer draft eseemed to work fairly well last year, though it does put more of a premium on prep-work and offers less oppotunity to capitalize upon the boneheaded homerisms of others. :wink:

Oh yeah. I’m there. I’m in two money leagues this season, I’d like to do one just for “the principle of the thing”. I also participate in a ‘confidence pool’ where we pick the winners and rank our confidence in those picks. It’s a ton of fun.

I went to the superbowl last year in my league…and plan to do the same this year baby…so watch out., sponsored by CBS is a great fantasy league site. I’ve had no problems setting it up there.


Yeah, coordinating can be tricky, but I’ve run a live draft the last 2 years here for the SDMB on Yahoo and both went quite well. And the live drafts still allow you to do your homework and pref-in your choices. It just seems to me to be the most fun, hands on approach. The draft seems to be as much excitement as the rest of season for me, and equally important. We’ll certainly have multiple leagues if the interest is half what it was last season, so there will be no doubt that those folks with limited internet access/availability can choose a league set aside to use strictly computer drafts. We can have one or two of each.

And I fully agree, Dopers only. It helps to get the highest amount of participation it seems, and the trash talk is oh so sweet. We’ve let friends and relatives in before, with less than wonderful results. Not to mention we’re likely to have a lot of players, so there’s no need to fill in leagues.

Already getting pumped.

I am SO in.

This, despite running two separate pools at work and participating in a fantasy league at work as well. It’s also time to re-susbcribe to cable just to get the ESPN games. (After the season ends, I cancel my service. Yes, I suck.)

One of the pools I administer is a ‘confidence’ pool like jarbabyj mentioned. It’s by far my favorite kind of pool [sub]and I think I’ve found a foolproof way to rank in the top 5% of participants, as my formula has worked repeatedly but I won’t tell anyone what it is[/sub]

Also, break down, Chicago Bears…


I’m in. Welcome the Improbable Probables to your league.

Anyone up for an ESPN league?

Count me in. I vote also for a live draft, in my mind, it’s the only way to go. Yahoo last year worked OK, but it made a 'puter glitch in the last week and screwed me out of the playoffs, so another site would be fine, as long as it’s simple to manage your team.

I will of course also join a doper league. Yahoo was a great site for it last year.

Just so you know, this isn’t a random strangers league on Sandbox. The only other person in it besides me is the guy I have been co-commissioner with the last 4 years. We just don’t have the time to really devote to it this year. He is a doper at heart, he just doesn’t know it yet.

I went to the superbowl with The Kegels last year, and that will be my team name AGAIN. All who dare defeat me will be simply sickened at their own stupidity.



I look forward to playing fantasy football with such ardent admirers of Da Bears.

IN a show of generosity, I shall be happy to curb my interest in the following players:
Jim Miller
Shane Matthews
Cade McNown
James Allen
Anthony Thomas
David Terrell
Marcus Robinson
Go get 'em, fellas. Bucs rule!

No need to bash Marcus. He’s done for a while anyway.

And my drafting is not based on team loyalty.
It’s based on looks. :smiley:

rowr, that Randy Moss with his braces can ‘go deep’ anytime with me …


I suppose I should thank the Bears. Last year I had Eddie George as my feature back, with Curtis Enis as a backup. (Yeah, don’t ask.) After I realized Enis had more suckage than game, I picked up Mike Anderson early in the season. If I had a more reliable back than Enis, I never would have taken Anderson as a replacement and won the season.

So, as long as the Bears keep breaking down, I’ll be a happy man. :wink:

I had Mike Anderson last year too! The problem was, I also had Terrell Davis. every week was like trying to be a psychic as to who would start, and invariably I’d pick wrong.

I’ll never take a Denver running back ever again. Because they’re always good and they’re always hurt.


Not true – I took him as my top wideout last year in a money league. Lost the Super Bowl by 3 points.

I shall bash the invertebrate for at least another season. Then I’ll turn on Il Duce a.k.a. Footloose. (I had grabbed Wheatley and Lamar Smith behind Staley, so he escapes the first volley of my righteous wrath!)

Spiritus Mundi will be kicking your tails with Solomon’s Grundy. I see several slots still open in this league – come on in, Dopers, the waters fine.
Pay no attention to the chum. :smiley:

I’m interested in participating in another SDMB fantasy sports league. For modesty’s sake, I won’t mention my current position in the SDMB baseball league on Yahoo.

But, are we going to have a Yahoo league again this year, or are we doing the Sandbox league?

But the Yahoo league is currently full

Alright, I’m in.

After a miserable showing last year, I can only hope that the Terminators don’t force me to lower my head in shame.

One last bump for anyone who missed out on teh Yahoo league.