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How many of the TM are Fantasy Football buffs? Do you guys have a favorite Fantasy Football league? I have in the past always used the free leagues on Yahoo and others like it, and before I had a few that weren’t online. The free ones typically suck because in a 10 team league there are maybe 2 teams who every check it after the pick the team. Thats no fun. What about you guys, do you have a league that is better than the rest? One thing that might be really cool is to get a SDMB league set up within one of the services, think of all the great trash talk we could add to our debates!!

This probably belongs in MPSIMS, but here’s my response anyways.

I am currently involved in no less than 3 fantasy football leagues on 3 seperate “free” systems;,, and They are ALL with groups of people whom I am familiar with, and so there is little problems you describe. My solution to you is to get 10 friends together before forming your FF league. All of the three systems I am on have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Yahoo and Sandbox are my favorites for customizability and their use of defensive stats, but Fanball has its charm too, especially in the power it grants commissioners and the sort of “free reign” leagues have to operate within the system. The drafting at Fanball is exactly like real-world drafting, and they even have “keeper” leagues to keep you teams going from year to year. Sandbox has a “pay” keeper league and a free non-keeper league. Yahoo only offers a non-keeper format, but its abilities of statistical managment allow degrees of freedom FAR beyond other leagues.

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I used Sandlot last year and enjoyed it. Wanted to do it again, but I was with people who wanted to do a live draft and so i signed up for Yahoo! which seems like it should be cool. I’ll let you know later!

People bail out of pay leagues too… Your best bet is to make it a private league and do it with friends who you can beat up if they get flaky…

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I always try to get my friends in on it, but none of them follow sports like I do.

Why don’t you start a SD fantasy league division on yahoo and distribute the password and specifics here? I’d be interested.

Maybe I’ll give it a shot, I’ve never done the commissioner deal before.

Before you gentlemen get carried away, please allow me the opportunity to run this thread past my higher-ups.

I’m not sure exactly what it is you are contemplating using the SDMB for, so if you could give us a somewhat more detailed explanation of what this “SDMB league” entails, that would be helpful. Thanks!

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It doesn’t relate at all to the SDMB other than the fact it is the medium through which the players have become acquainted. It would merely be a unaffiliated league of players selecting a online service to allow them to choose a teams. The leagues can be restricted to only allow people who you are familiar or friends with, and not allow any strangers in. Considering many of the TM have become acquainted with each other and their personalities it may be nice for us to do this together. Short of me teasing VileOrb about me kicking his ass in this weeks stats at the end of a discussion about the use of merkins in a relevant thread, you wouldn’t know it was here.

Maybe the best thing would be for those who are interested to so indicate and make their email available. I have already. Then, any other, possibly inappropriate, technical specifics can be dealt with outside the message boards. The general question (BTW I love the GQ sig Nickrz.) would be, “How do you feel about fantasy football in general and in joining a league of SDMB friends specifically?”

I frequently make the following recommendation to people who don’t understand sports fans. “Pretend you care who wins and watch a game of the sport you are most familiar with. Pick a team and make a bet with yourself. Find some way to make yourself feel what it means to care who wins. Then you can feel the thrill of winning or the despair of losing. Pride, shame, many kinds of powerful emotions can be invoked without actually risking much personally.” I get about a 50/50 positive response. About 50% don’t want to or can’t make themselves care. Anyone who can pick a team and root for them has come back to me saying that they have gained some comprehension of the joys of sports fandom. Some have become fans.

As far as different leagues goes, I’m in favor of free. I don’t mind betting but would rather avoid fees. Yahoo! is my preference because of convenience and familiarity.

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Oh Nick… You’re being anal again…

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K, doods, all is well.
Thanks for the explanations and your patience. Hope you don’t mind being scooted over to MPSIMS.
Have Fun!

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