Another SDMB fantasy football league

Since the other league was already full I decided to start another one at Yahoo

League ID# 330938

Password: ceciladams (one word)

Draft: Sunday Sept. 3, 9p.m.

I already set the rules and scoring, but if anybody has any thoughts or sugestions on changes we can vote on them.

I’m in. Long-time fantasy baseball player, first-time fantasy football player.

Hopefully we can get enough people to fill the league up.

I’m in! How many teams are you going to want, minimum, for this league to be a go? I’m thinking at least six.

Count me in.

I’m in, too.


5 teams is a good start, I’d say. Excellent work on the draft slot, since it means we can avoid worrying about the potential for preseason injuries.

I don’t know much about scoring systems, so I’ll refrain from comment on the current setup.

I’m in, baby. I’m in.

Yahoo allows up to twenty teams, but either ten or twelve would be good. If too many teams play we’re picking up Ricky Williams off the waiver wire; if too few play every matchup is like the Pro Bowl.

I didn’t see the option, but I’m sure its there for a random draft order. I’ll see if I can change it later.

RetroVertigo, if it’s anything like Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, it’ll automatically randomize the draft order right before the draft starts.

Aargh…while I’ll still compete, the draft takes place when I’ll be away from any PC. You picked the Sunday before Labor Day!

As long as you prerank your players, you’ll be ok. Yahoo will automatically take the highest-ranked player still on the board, so I’d make sure you don’t have guys you absolutely don’t want ranked high.

Just signed up to whoop some ass. I will try to salvage some pride, as my baseball team sucks sewer water. Good luck to you all this season. :slight_smile:

I’m in, yet again. I’m a fan of 12 teams for football, though 10 is good too. We’re looking good with nine so far. On to the important part now: how are we going to do the scoring in this one? As the brilliant SDMB members we are, we can surely do better than the default Yahoo! system :slight_smile:

P.S. Will try my best to make the live draft - I haven’t missed a SDMB fantasy league live draft yet, but the Sunday before Labor Day is going to push the envelope on that one. Hopefully 10pm is late enough that I’m home from whatever revelries and reasonably sober. I’ll pre-rank either way, though.

Hey, everyone sucks compared to Petelin this year. If a couple of the roster chances you took had worked (Bonds, Sheets) you’d be a lot better off.

Wonder if anyone else in the baseball league wants in?

Well, I’m in. After finishing second last, last year, there’s nowhere to go but up. Hopefully…

I’ll never forgive you Daunte Culpepper.

I’m always good to go.

So, with 11 teams, I’d say one more would be the perfect amount, right?

Kiros, I’d jump right in to a scoring category debate, but I don’t think OPS and WHIP are scoring categories in fantasy football. :smiley:

I just noticed the draft starts at 10 p.m., which means there may be some coffee involved in this little endeavor, assuming I don’t become an insomniac trying to create a spreadsheet to rank players.

Lets try not too bring up the fantasy baseball; though I will say I’m no longer in the cellar. :slight_smile:

If the draft date/ time is a problem with too many people we can always reschedule. I didn’t even think about it being labor day weekend, considering that I’m not even off work.

Do you guys still need a twelth? I want in.

Well I signed up. Figured if there was a spot open, it was up for grabs.